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I’ve been a storyteller since I was crib-bound; before I could speak intelligibly I was turning to the blank pages in my Beatrix Potter nursery rhyme book and making up my own text for them.

As a flower essence maker I write down the stories of the devas–the plant-spirit intelligences–at least, as much as I can put them into words. They don’t have stories the way our left brains understand them, which is the beginning, middle, end makes the story. The stories of flowers are multi-dimensional in a language of energy: light, color, frequency, emotion, archetype. They encompass our human stories, they embrace them, they carry us and our stories like infants into another way of perceiving ourselves and our world, as if you watched a movie from a different camera where the cinematographer was an angel.

As a writer of children’s books, novels, poems, and whatever else pops into my head, and this book on flower essences I’ve been working on for like 15 years…I download from the universe and scribble or type as fast as I can.

This blog is new because I’ve had quite a challenge using computers for many years, due to sensitivities to the EMFs and chemicals and weird light and so forth on every computer until this awesome iMac I’ve been using for less than a year. (Thank you Steve Jobs for making a safe computer for me!)

I have years of scribbles to get up onto this site…and you may imagine it’s a bit of learning curve on all this new software and terminology. Bear with me, stay tuned, and some cool stuff will be appearing here…






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