Access Bars Class

I hosted a Bars class! Five friends, three tables and two teachers in my living room. By the end of the day the energy was high and clear.

I’ve been learning some Access tools, processes, and how to apply them since November. Some of this is a real brain scrambler–or unscrambler :-). Depends on my point of view.

Always the synthesist and experimenter, I’ve tried combining Access with other modalities. Running questions and clearing statements while holding the TAT position is very effective. (See if you aren’t familiar with the Tapas Accupressure Technique.)

This morning I tried combining the Emotion Code (Bradley Nelson’s wonderful magnet technique–see YouTube), with the basic Access tools of “Who does this belong to?” and “The truth makes you feel lighter, a lie will make you feel heavier.”

I like setting up a simple percentage statement wth the Emotion Code. Ask a question like “How much am I allowing myself to experience pure gratitude?” and then muscle testing to get the percentage. Say that was 55%. Then I muscle test on the Emotion Code chart asking “What is contributing to that other 45%?” I release that trapped emotion, circuitry imbalance, psychic trauma or whatever it was, and retest, now maybe getting 57%.

This may sound tedious, and sometimes it is (especially when you start really low like 2%! lol), but the results speak for themselves. I don’t know of any other technique that so reliably, easily and quickly releases unconscious or invisible emotions and traumas. As someone with Moon in the 12th house this is huge.

(Btw, you can also go downwards, reducing a negative to 0%. I picked this up from a couple of sessions I did with Brenda Lainof, a certified Emotion Code practitioner (which I am not). She uses this percentage method on organs and body systems. I got all mine I could think of to 100% functionality, and then I did my cat (who was diagnosed with chronic renal failure in September), and we are both much healthier, but not at 100%….hm, maybe I can try that!)

This morning I worked with one of the basics of Access, self-judgement. I found I was 9% judging me. That didn’t take long to release, suspiciously….so I tested if I had secret or hidden self-judgement and there was 37%. I was going along on that, finding 1 or 2 of various emotions, when I started getting dozens of the same emotion: 48 helplessness, 68 vulnerability, and like that. So I started asking “Does any of this belong to someone else?” and “Does all of this belong to me?” and noticing the lighter/heavier response in my body. (I learned just the other day, from one of Dain Heer’s mini-videos, that the heavy feeling isn’t always a weight-heavy but can also be an ick-twist-heavy. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Dain.)

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried this, and, as in the past, only a couple or so of the pile of emotions came off when I retested. But this time I tried something new with my awareness–which is so expanded from the Bars class! (Yes!!) I went in back, or maybe underneath, the emotions themselves, to the points of view supporting/holding them in place. Bingo–more came off.

I realized this is like another Access tool, the IPOV–Interesting Point of View. This is where for any point of view you are holding, you kind of step away from it and think “Interesting point of view that I have that point of view.” Then you step away from that one and do the same thing. Pretty soon you’ve either released the whole thing or spaced it out and moved on.

Back at the piles of emotions: I was stepping back and back, running the Access clearing statement each time on my points of view that were holding the emotions that were someone else’s, retesting, asking again if this was someone else’s, sending those back to sender with all the consciousness of the universe attached (which I recognized for the first time is also all the potency of the universe, all the love in the universe, etc), running the clearing statement on the points of view holding the next layer in place, releasing those, and wow! I was amazed that I had released a pile of emotions without having to use the magnet!

How does it feel to get to 0% or 100% on a question? It feels lighter, freer, more spacious. It feels really really nice. When I got to 2% on self-judgement, my body heaved a couple of deep sighs and relaxed in a profound way. I just lay there for a bit. Then I went to that last 2%, which was 2 little prides.

Besides the obvious benefits (!!!) of this reduction in self-imposed stress, one of the very cool things about addressing and healing questions like this is that the process uncovers and heals old traumas. One of the piles that I released this morning was 30 prenatal shock. I’d found some other prenatal shock in working with the Emotion Code, but this was the most I’d ever found, and had the most healing effect when released. Our trapped emotions are so entangled with other emotions, and our points of view, and all sorts of other stuff, that they are uncovered and released in their own organic way. By following my awareness of the energy I ask the questions that have the energy, and so, who knew? get this wonder-full result.




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