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I lived as a virtual recluse for over 7 years due to extreme sensitivity to chemicals and electromagnetic fields. In the last several months, I’ve experienced significant improvement in health, EMF- and chemical tolerance. I am not reacting to exposures that for years would have caused pain or incapacitation. I am hardly noticing some things that I used to totally stress out about avoiding. I’d say that now I am better than 90% recovered!
In July 2012, I took 5 days of classes in a hotel in Northampton, MA, a city I had not visited in almost 10 years because of reactivity to vehicle exhaust and whatever space I went to.
I took my oxygen to these classes, though I didn’t have enough to stay on it continuously, which is what I required in the past for this type of environment. By the afternoon of the 5th day, I hardly needed to use the oxygen.
What is this miracle? and believe me, it IS a miracle for me!
It’s called Access Consciousness.
I just found someone else who has experienced this and even more! Here’s the link
I’m now trained in the energy-bodywork component of Access Consciousness, called the Bars. This is unlike any bodywork I’ve ever experienced or heard of. I’m offering sessions in my home or yours. The first session is $45 in my home. If you need me to come to your home, I can. (There will be a home visit charge if you live more than 2 miles from me.)
In summer I set up my massage table outdoors in my screened gazebo. How lovely is it to receive the expansiveness of the Bars in the forest? edited-gazebo
What is a Bars session like? It doesn’t seem like I’m doing much while you’re lying on the table–I’m mostly allowing the energy circuit of 2 infinite beings in contact to be infinite space, infinite energy, expanded consciousness. It’s relaxing. People often doze off. Many people comment that the time passes quickly. A session usually lasts about an hour. I will be lightly touching points mostly on your head, briefly on hands and feet. There is no manipulation. There is no “adding” energy to your system. The Bars discharges the bioelectric load that’s accumulated from zillions of thoughts, feelings, emotions, and all the stuff of being in a body, leaving your body-mind more free to be. Sounds simple? It’s can be a profound experience, and is usually deeply restful. Everyone is different of course, and every session is, too.
What would your computer be like if you never emptied the trash? You delete stuff every day in your life–why not empty the energy trash from your head? That’s what the Bars does.
Benefits include stress reduction, relaxation, improvements in sleep and health conditions, experiences of expansion, inner quiet, spaciousness, peace, happiness, lightness, energy, increased creativity and productivity. Some people like to sleep soon afterward. Others feel refreshed, revitalized.
Benefits accrue with regular sessions. After the $30 intro session, regular rate is $85.
 Email me with the contact form below, or call me 413-259-1874 to schedule a session. I’m in Shutesbury, MA, just 2 miles from Rt 202 about 15 minutes north of Belchertown Center, 15 minutes east of Amherst, MA, 30 minutes southeast of Greenfield, MA. Very easy to find.
I’m happy to teach the Bars to you and your friend, too! Then you can swap sessions yourselves. What can you do to invest in you?

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