New Sunflower Flower Essences

I made flower essences of 3 exciting sunflower varieties this summer. “Rosy Eclipse”, “Tiger’s Eye”, and a variety I call “Wednesday’s Child.” I am grateful and amazed at how different each variety can be…they all carry the characteristic sunflower essence … Continue reading

Ragweed Flower Essence

Ragweed is such an interesting plant. Many people (here in New England, at least), think that ragweed is another name for goldenrod. Allergies to ragweed pollen are widespread and severe, sending asthmatics to the ER, creating all sorts of upper respiratory … Continue reading

New Flower Essences for Intensity

White Penstemon Flower Essence  This flower essence gives strength and endurance from infinite source, getting in touch with that as your own infinite being.             Meadow Rue Flower Essence  Meadow Rue flower essence is a … Continue reading

New Iris & Phlox Flower Essences

This summer has been flying by! Here are new flower essences I made in June; how does it get better than not posting them until the last day in July? 🙂 Phlox “Chatahoochee” For knowing with total certainty that our … Continue reading

Automatic Mental-Emotional Reflexes

I uncovered something new (to me, anyway), interesting, and useful today. I’m taking Shannon O’Hara’s Intermediate Talk to the Entities class. On the last call, Shannon mentioned this awesome nugget: if we can stop judging, get out of judgement entirely, … Continue reading

New Spring Flower Essences

Cowslip Flower Essence  Primula veris is a sweet little flower of the traditional cheerful primrose yellow. The flower essence action addresses how we often take what is true for us as a general or universal truth. Actually we can each have … Continue reading