New Essences: Wolf’s Milk Slime & Bitter Bolete

Wolf’s Milk essence is made by etheric infusion of a slime mold, Lycogala epidendrum. This was a first! It was dark in the woods, an overcast day, so I didn’t get a good photo. Here’s a nice photo of Wolf’s … Continue reading

New Essence: Purple Crust Dissolves Supermind

Purple Crust fungus essence is mind-boggling, literally. Pulses of source energy, high frequency, entered my body through my hand touching it, pulses dissolving something…what? I just relaxed into it, allowed and received it…big, it dissolves something big–reality. What reality? Not … Continue reading

Points of View & Memory of Water Dream

I dream there’s a sand cliff. I’m huddled at the base, hiding from something. Someone else is there. The sand is quite damp, so when 2 creatures like very furry, black, elongated kittens pop out of it, and dive into … Continue reading