Chemistry of Joy 2

This is cool!! Since generating the chemistry of joy in my body, huge chunks of energetic structures from infancy and childhood have been showing up and getting uncreated and destroyed. These have been BIG releases, and they’ve had some discomfort: low energy, nausea, vomiting, blah sorts of feelings towards life and the world. Happy to be through that!

What seems to be happening is that the contrast between the background vibration and whatever else is going on has been highlighted by the brightness of the background being joy. When those foreground things are large, they cast a large shadow in the brightness of joy. This makes them easy to perceive. How does it get any better than that? And when they’re gone, there’s a larger field of brightness, which shows up even more, in more detail, like reading a book outside at night. At first the page is barely visible. Moving near a light shows the print, and holding it close to the light makes it readable.

This popped out at me today, when I perceived that different places in my body were generating localized chemistries of their own. Riveted by this, I immediately tested to find out where and what was being generated. I found over a dozen of these mini-generating fields, such as my right arm generating the chemistry of guilt, my bladder generating the chemistry of sorrow, my left fourth toe generating the chemistry of shock.

I treated these areas like walls rather than using equations. That is, asking “is my left hand generating the chemistry of bitterness?” yes “What is contributing to that?” and then releasing each one that comes up. Interestingly, most of what was being generated was not one of the emotions contributing to it. The toe generating shock had no shock as a contributor.

And places that had a lot of layers changed what they were generating. A cyst that has been bugging me for years was generating the chemistry of disgust, mostly because every time I noticed it, I charged it with another layer of whatever emotion at the time. After releasing several layers, the chemistry being generated changed to fear, and then after releasing just a few layers, the chemistry of joy was generated.

My right arm went through several of these shifts, from guilt, to resentment, to unsupported, to low self-esteem, to abandonment, and finally joy. Some of the layers required 20 or more repetitions of that emotion to release. A few of the layers were psychic traumas. One of the places shifted from its original chemistry to the chemistry of psychic trauma!

My cat will join me as I’m using the magnet if she would like me to release something from her. I realized I can use this method on her, too, so her body is generating the chemistry of joy. How long does a body live when it’s generating joy? What is possible we haven’t even thought of? I found my cat was generating the chemistry of resentment–seemingly from the other animals who used to live with us. She’s the only one, now, and this evening I released that and began on the generation of the chemistry of joy.

Blessings to all–


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