The Chemistry of Joy

The title of this post popped into my head last week. It comes from an old Jo Dunning talk that I have on the 12 CD set Journey of Awakening. I had just completed some Emotion Code clearing and instantly recognized this was the next equation to clear.

Why the chemistry of joy? Jo explained in her talk that joy is the vibration that signals our cells to respond positively with life-affirming processes in our physical bodies.  I took this to mean that whatever vibration I was currently vibrating at, my cells weren’t doing that! So I checked on the Emotion Code chart for which emotion my vibration is, and not surprisingly it was worthlessness. Hans Christian King calls self-worth the last lesson of the old soul. As in, saving the hardest for last. That’s been me, my friends. No more!

It took me a few days to take virbrating at worthlessness to 0%, and take Generating the Chemistry of Joy from 0% to 100%. Then there was regular minor slippage for a couple days. Folks, this one feels really really nice. It’s like I’m purring all the time. How does it get any better than this? Stick with me, we’re going there, too!

I still have some aches and pains in the bod, and I recognize that it takes time to shift decades of physical and energetic structures. Thing is, now I don’t worry about them, I don’t pay attention the same way, it’s like–yeah, back hurts in that spot, no biggie. Joy will take care of it. Like snow melting in spring sun, it’s all on its way out.

Last night we had a power outage from storm winds. From my purring place, I simply perceived I had a number of points of view about power failures. (We’ve had couple of major outages on my December birthdays, including one that was 5 days long. After 48 hours on that one, we got a generator.) It was simply magic, using Access tools and my Hampshire College refrigerator magnet to release these by candlelight, with the warm wind and rain gusting in the trees outside. I had the back door open as the rain wasn’t coming into the house.

Then my daughter got home from work and we played a couple rounds of Carcasonne. She took lovely photos of our candlelit game. In both rounds, I picked the majority of the cloister tiles, and won one round by entire scoreboard (50 points). It was the purring…it was like the quantum entrainment field was guiding my tile choices, like I was massaging it. Pure magic feels really really nice.

Got clear on some money stuff, the deeper self-worth stuff underlying that: check this equation out: ask “How much is my work worth per hour?” as a dollar value. I started at $58. Reminds me of the percentage of how much women are paid for the same work as men. Interesting point of view. Took a lot of Emotion Code to get this figure past $59, then suddenly it skyrocketed to infinity! Weip? Stay tuned!

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