Demons of Un-Awareness & Anti-Consciousness Return to From Whence You Came!

In Access Consciousness, a “demon” is an energetic pattern that keeps us from being aware and conscious in a particular way. They come into our energy fields whenever we choose consciously or unconsciously to be unconscious about something. (How do you become consciously unconscious? Anytime you think “I don’t want to know about that, I don’t care about that, that doesn’t matter, I can’t deal with that, I can’t handle that,” etc.) They keep our awareness shut off until we consciously become aware of that and consciously make a different choice.

Through having done this quite a lot myself, I’ve become aware of what this “demon” energy feels like when I encounter it. I had an interesting experience the other day around this, where my awareness of demons expanded beyond my personal life.

I was walking while it was snowing–it was so pretty, the fluffy fresh snow coating the hemlocks and pines, and the bare branches of the maples, birches, and wild berry bushes along the road. I smelled the sweet yet industrial odor coming from one of my neighbor’s dryers. Suddenly I was aware of demon energy as well! What was that? I wondered.

I perceived in a flash that the demon energies had collected around the synthetic chemicals in the fragrances in the laundry products; the original unconsciousness may have been the chemists who invented these chemicals, who were (almost) certainly not malicious or malevolent in their manipulations of molecules to achieve a desired result. They were unaware, or chose to be unaware, of the potential harm these chemicals might cause to living cells.

Then the chemicals moved from the lab to the products on the supermarket shelves, and from the store to homes. Corporations created enticing ads to encourage sales. At every step, more demons flocked to the chemicals, the products, the ads, advertisers, corporate executives, factory workers, and consumers. Lotsa demons!

As I became aware of this in an instant, I used the RICH clearing (Release, Integrate, Clear, Harmonize) to send the demons on their way: “RICH return,” repeated until they’re gone. I became aware of how other chemicals and products in our world also have demons attached to them: cigarettes, petroleum products, plastics, cleaners…well, there’s tens of thousands. I began to RICH return all those, too. Took the rest of my walk to clear them! And those are just the ones I could imagine. You might think of some I haven’t.

Today, I encountered a similar flock of demons that wasn’t attached to things. Instead, these were collected on what I can best articulate as propaganda though it is much more subtle than that. What first came to my awareness is how there’s a new sense of inferiority laid upon people who do things for themselves rather than hiring “a professional.”

I do my own taxes. I call the IRS when I get stuck. Over the years, I’ve found the people on the telephones there to be fairly helpful. One particular issue I called about this week elicited the advice from the IRS to “seek a tax professional.” This made me cranky, and when I’d sorted out where all that irritation and resentment was coming from, I discovered this notion of the devaluing of the non-professional.

Immediately I sensed demons, and my awareness of this expanded to include store-bought vs. homemade, restaurant food vs. home-cooked, cultivated food vs. wild, old-fashioned vs. new. There’s plenty of people who resist this–look at etsy, where millions sell and buy hand-crafted items.

What else is there in our society and our rapidly changing world where demons of unawareness are discouraging us from becoming conscious of what’s really happening? Like a cloaking device, a smokescreen, the energy of a demon redirects attention away from actually perceiving what’s going on. Like The Silent in Dr. Who, we can’t perceive what we immediately aren’t aware of.

RICH return all that!!

What possibilities for something totally different on planet Earth might suddenly appear in our consciousness, like the elephant in the living room, when the demons depart? How much of what we think we have choice about will be revealed as unawareness? What choices do we truly have that we don’t know we have?

What else is possible?

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