New Essences: Wolf’s Milk Slime & Bitter Bolete

Wolf’s Milk essence is made by etheric infusion of a slime mold, Lycogala epidendrum. This was a first! It was dark in the woods, an overcast day, so I didn’t get a good photo. Here’s a nice photo of Wolf’s Milk with the bright pink color and glossy globes. Read briefly about slime molds at Dr.Augies blog September 24. The very next day, the bright pink was a mysterious dusky mauve-purple, and the globes had hardened. They continue to darken to near black in the next few days. These are excellent signatures for this essence.

The Wolf’s Milk essence dissolves vibrational patterns of impactions: sensory impacts from sound, light, odors, and other people’s beliefs and points of view that shock us out of being infinite space and energy, and into solidity. Ouch! Then we create more solidity around the impactions.

When I met this slime mold in the forest a few weeks ago, I didn’t know it was a slime mold. I’d encountered slime molds as slow-moving sheets, not bright pink globules. I hadn’t read about impactions yet either, so I didn’t have that word. I held my hands near it, not touching, as the energy emanating from it was so strong.

I sat with it for quite awhile, as it had a lot of healing for me, especially around birth and pre-natally. I experienced intensity around the vulnerability and fragility of our biological forms, not just physical vulnerability from violence, war, injury and so on; also the violence we can experience in our subtle bodies, and our emotional, mental, spiritual selves. I used the Emotion Code to clear this as it came up, a lot of horror and love unreceived.

Once the deva was working with me, I found a more comfortable spot nearby to sit while all this was happening. Then I returned to the log to thank the being, and for closure. This time, I lightly touched one of the globules, which I’d thought was a fungus, and thought would be substantive like a mushroom. Instead, the globule instantly oozed to goosh, reminding me of brains. (Another name for this slime mold is Pink Toothpaste.)

I didn’t have my essence making equipment with me at the time. I made notes about what I’d experienced, and kept an eye out for another Wolf’s Milk, which I encountered the other day much closer to home. Reading in the reference notes for F/L1 today, I ran across the impactions information.


Bitter Bolete

This mushroom, Tylopilus felleus, has the interesting property of being so bitter in taste it is inedible to most people. Individuals who do not perceive bitter tastes, however, enjoy eating it! Most mushrooms have gills beneath their caps. Boletes have pores, the spore-producing surface under the cap resembling a sponge as they mature. Many of them are choice edibles. None are deadly poisonous, though some will cause intense gastric distress temporarily. I didn’t get a good photo of this one, so here’s a link to Bitter Bolete photo. You can see the pore surface is pinkish, and the markings on the stalk. Note the areas of pores where slugs have been feeding, obviously this is a treat to them.

The deva revealed it’s healing attribute as beingness; though we exist currently in physical form, and perceive ourselves in a conditioned world with conditioned mind, our true nature is beingness, which is unaffected by that.

I’ve added this essence to my Access the Infinite combination, which you can purchase on my etsy shop. This combination also contains the parchment fungi essences Zap! and Ears of the Forest, from previous posts. One of these days I’ll get to figuring out how to add a “buy” button right to these posts! What else is possible?

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