Releasing Inherited Stuff

This came to me today:

Imagine your grandparents (picture them how they come to you, even if you never knew them), each holding a pencil. Then imagine your parents coming and helping their parents hold the pencils. Enter the picture yourself, and hold all of the pencils.

Now your grandparents let go of their ends of the pencils, and walk away. You and your parents are holding the pencils.

Now your parents let go of the pencils, and walk away. You are now holding all of the pencils.

Notice your awareness of this: any feelings, sensations, emotions.

You Now have the choice and the power to let go of all of the pencils.

Do you hear the sound of pencils clattering on the floor?

Notice if you are still holding any pencils. Notice your awareness of that: any thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions.

Consider this: a pencil is a tool for conveying information. You held to the pencils and their ability to convey information because your relations were. The original creation of each pencil was unique to one of your ancestors. It was significant only to that person, who is not you. Without that person creating its significance, each pencil is meaningless, except as each new person holding it agrees to keep holding it.

Every pencil you hold to limits your life, your living, your happiness. Every fear or resistance to releasing your hold on a pencil is you resisting allowing your life to flow, and receiving your infinite beingnes.

In every Now you have the choice to release pencils.

The pencils image was inspired by Pam Houghteling’s Facilitating the Earth telecall, in which she described this picture. I already loved pencils as this is the inconsequential object I’ve always used in the Sedona Method. What came to me the next day is that it is our ancestors who contribute the first pencils we grasp, and the role models for grasping them.

So this is a great visualization to use with my Healing Roots Flower Essence Combination.

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