Human Design & Emotion Code: Truth

I’ve been continuing to work with the Emotion Code formula I shared in my earlier post, The 2 Codes. That is the “equation” of “What percentage of (some aspect of being) is allowing Truth?” That’s Truth capitalized for the Divine Truth-Light-Love of Source.

After getting all my organs, glands, and everything else in my physical body to 100%, I also did my meridians and the Heart to Brain channel that Jo Dunning described in her Activations of Awakening initiation. Then all my chakras and subtle bodies. This was a wonderful experience of lightening, expanding possibility, and relaxing. Combined with the Access Consciousness tools of “Who does this belong to?” and “Would an infinite being choose this?” it feels like a major shift in energy, awareness and consciousness.

I started to move on to a new equation of “receiving blessings” in all these areas. Something felt unfinished, though, and it turned out to be my Human Design centers. So I did those–some heavy stuff in some of those! For those of you not familiar with Human Design, it combines planetary positions with the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (and 64 genetic codons) to create a bodygraph of 9 energy centers. These represent dynamic processing systems of different types of energies that are in a very rough sort of way analogous to the chakras, only functioning differently. Defined centers are said to carry a consisten flow of energy unique to each person. Undefined centers are open to interaction with the energies of others and the environment, thus subject to conditioning. This is basically what we all experience in childhood: we absorb all sorts of stuff from our families and others we’re around, so it seems to be part of us, and we think it is us until we become aware it ain’t so.

By this time, I was only occasionally encountering clusters of trapped emotions of more than 3 – 5, and only one small psychic trauma, so clearing moved along pretty fast. I started back to the “receiving blessings” and again got that I wasn’t finished with the Truth!

This time, it was the Human Design gates–the energy gates in each center that correspond to the hexagrams. Yikes, I thought, 64 of these to clear? I thought of Milarepa in caves living on nettles for years and hey, we’ve got it pretty easy these days.

So I’m digging in. I’m up to gate 15, after just a few sessions. My body feels amazingly loose and light. I’m noticing a possible correspondence between gates turned on (where there’s a planet) and gates that aren’t. The latter sometimes have very low starting percentages–one was “3% allowing Truth”–and some large clumps of trapped emotion. This makes sense in that those unoccupied gates could be? would be? more susceptible to conditioning. On one of these unoccupied gates today, I encountered a clump of 56 guilt which was chunked down to 19 with several minutes of “Who does this belong to?” & “Return to sender with all the consciousness of the universe times a godzillion POC & POD.” It was mostly from my parents & grandparents.

Awesome to have these highly effective tools!

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