Implant Removal

Last month I took Access Consciousness classes Bars, Foundation & Level 1. I took my oxygen tank as the classes were held in a motel. By the 5th day I was hardly using the oxy! I’ve been a virtual recluse in my home for at over 8 years, so this was a huge difference in tolerance for environments and chemicals. Interesting! Access Consciousness has worked faster and exponentially made a bigger difference than anything else I’ve applied to chemical sensitivity. It’s done more than everything else combined over 40+ years, in just a few months.

The information in the F/L1 classes is practical, fundamental and enlightening about our true nature as infinite beings, and how we limit ourselves in this reality. It’s what I’d’ve loved to have as a teenager!

As a Human Design 5/1 profile, “the Heretic Investigator” I continued to combine Access tools and information with Emotion Code methods. The Distractor Implants have been fundamental to my experience of this reality. During the class lunch breaks, I took walks behind the motel, where there were some more or less natural spaces. One area is a mature forest of locust, maple and other trees with not much understory. The ground level is an undulating green ocean of Japanese knotweed, Virginia creeper, jewelweed, poison ivy, ferns and other plants, creating a lush space. Wood thrushes, robins, mockingbirds, chipmunks and fox cubs appeared. The liquid delicious song of the wood thrush was such a contrast to the background noise from I91.

In this gorgeous space insights and visions arose. The energetic activity I’ve noticed occurring in my field when clearing something with the Access tools began to take on a semi-visual quality. Fascinating. The high vibration consciousness of the class makes everything else more clear.

Moebius strips and quantum particulates underlie the distractor implants. There’s a way to disconnect these, to break the loops of the Mobius strips. It’s like prions, the proteins that are Mad Cow disease–the proteins are the same molecular constituents as the prions; the prions are folded differently. Like origami shapes all come from a piece of paper folded in different ways. My body-mind has a cpapacity to break/rearrange these.

Then I discovered the Emotion Code method can remove the implants permanently in the usual way with this intention: “Releasing the implant of ____ from the soul.” Everything on the Emotion Code chart is a distractor implant tho not always in that exact wording.

Humanoids seem to have the implants on the soul. Humans may have them on the DNA–I’ve done a lot on my DNA already so I couldn’t tell about this, and my daughter, a humanoid and the only other person so far I’ve done this on, also had the implants on the soul. Occasionally I found an implant somewhere else in addition: a chakra, gland, subtle body, etc. The causal body was the most popular location.

Update: I’ve since discovered a variety of other implants. Most originated with what Access Consciousness calls the Galactic Federation. Most of the ones that our parents, teachers, media and so on implanted us with fall into this category. The other day I encountered one that wasn’t from the GF; it was the implant of annihilation, and the result in my soul history of a shocking experience from another universe. It was implanted in various spots around my body, subtle bodies, a chakra, a meridian, and my soul; I first encountered it in my spine.


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