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Access Consciousness The Bars (TM) class: November 16, 2013, Shutesbury, MA. Learn this amazing energy work for yourself! Is there a better investment than your happiness? your success? your joy in being you in your body? The Bars expands possibilities, consciousness, awareness, space to be you no matter where you are and who you’re with.

This class will be in my home surrounded by gardens and the peaceful forest.

Here’s a recent video about the Bars:
Access the Bars

If you’re feeling stuck in any area of your life, are you willing to invite something different?

Are you stressed, tense, in pain, or waiting for something to happen so you can start to live the way you’d really like to, and it’s just not happening?

Would you like your job, relationships, body, where you live or anything else in your life to CHANGE? (like, yesterday?)

Come and experience the Bars! A one-day class can change your life, your outlook, your energy! What else is possible?

In the 8-hour Bars class you will:

  • Receive 2 Bars sessions.
  • Watch a short film of a Bars session with the co-founders of Access Consciousness.
  • Get your own illustrated Bars manual.
  • Learn the positions on the head that dissipate zillions of years of stuck energetic baggage.
  • Practice the Bars hands-on twice.
  • Receive attentive personal instruction in everything you need to know to run the Bars.
  • Enjoy organic & gluten-free snacks.
  • Learn some Access Consciousness tools.
  • Become certified as a Bars Practitioner so you can offer sessions to others.
  • Ask as many questions as you like!

This is easy to learn, children can, too! There is no manipulation, just light touch.

After taking a class, you can swap sessions with classmates and meet other Bars enthusiasts at local events to practice and to continue to transform your own life.

How much can your awareness change in one day? How much more space can show up in your life for YOU? Are you willing to find out?

This class offers Continuing Education Credits for massage therapists.

Adults: $200 

Teens ages 16 – 18: $100

Ages 15 and under are free with paying adult or instructor’s permission.

Call me at 413-259-1874 or register for the class right here by adding the class to your shopping cart. Is there a better investment you can make for yourself anywhere in the universe than YOU?