Automatic Mental-Emotional Reflexes

I uncovered something new (to me, anyway), interesting, and useful today. I’m taking Shannon O’Hara’s Intermediate Talk to the Entities class. On the last call, Shannon mentioned this awesome nugget: if we can stop judging, get out of judgement entirely, then things will go smoothly. The world will work! My juices started to flow, hearing this, and the first chance I got, I began to investigate.

Simple seemed like a place to start. So I asked if I was totally, 100% willing to be free of judgement. I was kind of expecting to be mostly willing. To my surprise, I was only 1% willing! Yikes, and very interesting! Using the Emotion Code and Access ConsciousnessTM questions and processes, I cleared this so I was 100% willing. There was some interesting stuck energy in there, inherited stuff, shock, conflict, terror, along with the usual hodgepodge.

Then I asked about judging itself; how much was I in judgement? judging myself? being the effect of judgement? and cleared that. This was a little tricky as some of these were identical, and others quite different. If you do this, ask for the specific phrase for yourself. I can instantly start judging myself, however this is different from the being the effect of judgement. The latter is something I can clear, the former is something I create in the moment. Hdigabtt?

Along the way, I found an emotional reflex that put me into judgement, and contributed to the load of past judgement I was clearing. How does this work? There’s a trigger, like I’d see something that pushed the button. Then I’d react to that with an emotion. Then I’d react to the emotional reaction with a judgement. All faster than the blink of an eye.

To clear the emotional reflex, I tried to identify it using the Body Code system and Emotion Code chart. I thought it would be something I already knew about (even though I perceived it as different, and my knowing was that it was different, sigh), like a wall or an anchor. No dice. Wasn’t in the charts. Reflex is the word that came to me and tested positive, so that’s what I cleared. “Releasing [emotion (from Emotion Code chart)] from the [emotion]-reflex” is the phrase I used with the magnet. Because any emotion on the chart (and maybe others, weip?) can be a reflex, just as there can be a “Wall of” any of the emotions, and any of them can be an anchor.

I cleared the first reflex and found another one. Along the way, somewhere in there, judgement went to 0%. Then another reflex: worthlessness reflex. And here’s the other thing! This was a hard one to clear, because I space out every time I remember I was working on clearing it. And every time I made the demand to take the action to clear it, I’d get this urge to put something in my mouth.

When I noticed this (8 rice snaps later), and asked “Is this connected to the worthlessness reflex?” I got the awareness that eating, food, storing energy in the body, is of value. An atavistic survival mechanism. Eat and store energy, as defense against worthlessness. Lack of worth is life threatening: eat to stave off the threat; eat to make it through the winter/drought/famine/war/whatever. What is worth, anyway? It’s a judgement! We use it with money and shopping all the time. We talk about ourselves as if we are for sale–how much self-worth do we have? It’s so relative (like, our blood relatives are the ones who stuck us with that price tag lol); if no one was around, would it matter?

Maybe it would. If life has no value to us, we don’t care for our bodies. Entities without fleshy bodies like ours can have low self-worth, too; they can be really stuck in heavy low energy. The Buddha said the self is an illusion. So wtf?

What else is possible? I’ve stopped eating rice snaps. Still haven’t cleared the worthlessness reflex. I wanted to write this down before I forgot–I tend to forget everything I cleared soon after clearing it. Hdigabtt?

Choosing joy in this 10 seconds!

Oops, still 49% on the worthlessness reflex…

What if judgement is what I learned to do when I perceived a differential between the energy I’m perceiving and what I’ve been taught it’s “supposed to be” or someone is telling me it’s something different from what I’m perceiving etc? Hmm….like, “eat what’s on your plate it’s good for you” and my body and awareness are going “ew that is so not what they say it is!”

What else is possible?

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