New Flower Essences for Intensity

White Penstemon Flower Essence 

White tubular flowers, velvety, tinged with pinkThis flower essence gives strength and endurance from infinite source, getting in touch with that as your own infinite being.







Meadow Rue Flower Essence 

Filaments of white and yellow in tufts.Meadow Rue flower essence is a beautiful flow of benison, comfort and healing from the stark terror of separations from all that’s familiar, such as at death. Heals hatred of life and the world, and all the fears that arise from that intensity of separation caused by the rift of hatred. Another area of terror from separation is mental illness, such as psychosis, when the known, familiar reality and perception alters to something strange, unfamiliar, terrifying. This is one of the few essences that directly works with those on the Other Side. If you are aware of such an entity, or non-embodied spirit, that is in terror, you can place a bowl or cup of water with this essence added to it for the entity. Your intention will bring the entity to it.

Red-Mauve Tiger Lily Flower Essence  

Reddish recurved lily, lightly speckledThe action of tiger lily essences is to integrate and resolve polarized intensity of emotions such as anger, rejection, shame, depending on the color of the flower. This Red-Mauve Tiger Lily flower essence is a mix of reddish colors: orange, brick, red, mauve. It heals confusion, which is what we experience when we don’t have clear information about what’s going on. We don’t have clarity when what we’ve been told is untrue or incorrect, or when we block our knowlng and awareness with our beliefs or points of view about what we’d like to be true. Either situation often produces rage, frustration, resentment, which this flower essence works to dissolve and release. Underneath these emotions is the love-space of our true being, which we all desire to have acknowledged and recognized, and so rarely is. Red-Mauve Tiger Lily flower essence heals this tangle, of love, hurt & desire to connect, even when it is by hurting back.

Wild Basil Flower Essence  

Small, sprightly purple tubular flowers in a pinchushion puffReady to bust loose? This flower essence is for the wild, no-holds-barred, psychedelic, kaleidoscopic energy of total freedom, total abandon! Letting go of the assumptions of reality, the attachments to the known. Sexualness cut loose, the pure singing of being without need of a throat, dancing as the fire, flying without wings! The unpredictable, infinite possibility coursing through the body. The energy of taking one’s desires, not by force or effort–simply choosing and being.

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