New Spring Flower Essences

Cowslip Flower Essence


Primula veris is a sweet little flower of the traditional cheerful primrose yellow. The flower essence action addresses how we often take what is true for us as a general or universal truth. Actually we can each have our own, individual, specific, unique truths. When we release the idea that “truth” must be true everywhere, the way the metric system is a global standard of measurement, the way the speed of light is a universal constant…then we can be free, we can be joy, we can allow caring, kindness, gratitude for what IS. Whatever we make true, we make solid and real. This locks that reality into place. We sense it as dense, contracted, and we can mistake that density and intensity as proof of reality and truth. The opposite is what occurs: this reality is shaped by what we make true and real for us. What if we ask “How can I truly be the joy? What would it take to be the truth of me without judgement or considerations of this reality?”

Larch Flower Essence

This is the American version of the Bach remedy Larch. Often I find that when I make a flower essence from a plant that is the same species, or a closely related one, to one of the Bach remedies, I get a much deeper sense and appreciation of the essence’s action. e-larch I found that In this case, with the extreme self-negation I experienced when attuning to the tree. Cancelling oneself out of the world, out of life. There’s a dull heavy energy of can’t: can’t try, can’t live, can’t grow, can’t express the soul or the self, can’t speak. The remarkable quality of this tree is the unique softness of its leaves. Most conifers have stiff, bristly, even sharp needles. The Larch’s leaves are soft like fur, inviting to the touch. To me this shows that the soul responds to being received tenderly, gently, and when this is not the case, there is a shadowing, hiding, negating of the self-expression. The other unique quality of the Larch is being deciduous; the needles turn yellow in autumn and fall from the tree, which stands bare all winter. As if the soul simply gives up and surrenders to the heavy fate of “I can’t.” The action of the essence is to heal this negation, which we see in the bright magenta-red of the female flowers (the flower pictured is male) and the brilliant sea green of the new leaves. To truly be ourselves in the world we must be gentle with ourselves, receive ourselves, and be willing to shine brightly amongst others. Even as we allow them to be who they are, we are vulnerable without fear or judgment or contraction. Simply, softly, being.  e-larches

A grove of larches in the Arnold Arboretum in Boston.


Pieris Flower Essence 

Grace & bounty, beauty & generosity, perfection of form, diversity of vistas! This is the flower essence of the “backwards question” that is really a hopeless conclusion of impossibility. When we ask “Where will the money come from?” “What else can go wrong?” “How can this disease not cause death?” “Why am I so messed up?” we close off possibilities instead of opening to receiving the profusion of what life, what the universe, is offering. The creative potency of being, of our souls, is vast, infinite, and works in diverse ways, becomes more focused and dense as it actualizes into form. WE are the creators, providers, and constrainers of our individual worlds, and our collective reality. The universe is not separate from us. Limitations we perceive we have either created or acquiesced to. e-pieris

Pieris flower essence has a primary action in our perceptions. We often limit our perceiving to our physical senses; this is what we are taught is real and right. Our eyes, ears, skin and other senses are not the creators of our perception; they are enhancers. As infinite beings, we already perceive whatever we choose. Our perceptions become more delightful when enhanced by our physical senses: more immediate, more real.

When we limit our infinite selves with beliefs in the material world as real and true, we have to dull our perceptions, also. What we experience consciously is based in our mental descriptions and interpretations of the sensory information we receive from our bodies. Our brains are exquisitely designed to interweave past with present, emotion with linearity, time with space, and with a vibrational soundtrack, and a storyline with ourselves as the main character. Then they show us a movie instantly made of this mix of actuality and interpretaion and invention with vivid sensory detail and we call it real.

Pieris flower essence dissolves and breaks the fixed stories, points of view, belief about how reality is, how it works, how we experience it.


Nanking Cherry Flower Essence

Prunus tomentosa has delicate, crumpled-looking pale pink petals, and softly fuzzy leaves. Nanking Cherry flower essence heals profound shame, wrongness, unworthiness from the mental level where we have decided, judged, concluded that this is so: we are unforgiveable, unredeemable. Mental agony, self-torture, self-punishment for whatever we’ve decided we are, for whatever soul-searing acts deserving of eternal damnation we’ve committed in this or another life or existence. Then we defend against our own judgement of ourselves; how can we stand to live with this otherwise? We work up some pride, spiritual ego, denial, validation, proof of some small way in which we aren’t what we’ve decided we are. But these are just band aids on the pit of evil we truly think we are.

We must invest absolutely in realities that support the judgements and computations we’ve performed upon ourselves, which means we must agree and make deeply meaningful our ideas of justice, right and wrong, good and evil, and every other polarity, to continue to see ourselves as deserving of what we inflict on ourselves. Round and round and round. Nanking Cherry flower essence breaks the loops, dissolves the polarities, returns us to a forgivable existence in which every belief is simply a point of view we can choose to change. Every action is a choice we can then choose to make differently. A reality in which the created universe is for us to experience, learn in, enjoy, rather than an absolute polarized construction set in eternal stone.


Virginia Bluebells Flower Essence

virginia-bluebell-flower-essenceA potent flower essence for healing anything we have experienced as being forced upon us. Unfair treatment, victimization, accidents, injuries, oppression that’s held in the body will release as this flower essence dissolves the core choice we made to be unaware that we had choice, unaware that we are infinite potent beings and nothing can happen to us without our either choosing it or relinquishing our awareness. Assists with clearing demons of unawareness. Catalyzes consciousness around anything held in the body through our refusing to be aware of it. Anywhere we have the belief that something was forced upon us, that something happened to us, is an indicator that we are holding ourselves in unawareness somehow there.


Daffodil Misty Glen Flower Essence


This daffodil flower essence assists in all soul transitions into and from bodies. This includes walk-ins entering or leaving a body. The action of the essence is to keep the integrity and coherence of the soul forces intact through the transition. This is also quite useful for soul retrieval as the Misty Glen essence supports the reintegration of the retrieved energies. Of benefit to the dying in making  a smooth, easy transition from the body. And to the newborn in maintaining the integrity of the soul during labor and birth and any stressful circumstances in the early life. If  labor is protracted or difficult, misting this essence around the mother and on her belly would support the baby’s soul.

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