New Sunflower Flower Essences

I made flower essences of 3 exciting sunflower varieties this summer. “Rosy Eclipse”, “Tiger’s Eye”, and a variety I call “Wednesday’s Child.” I am grateful and amazed at how different each variety can be…they all carry the characteristic sunflower essence signature of extremes around the theme of self-esteem.

Sunflower Tiger’s Eye Flower Essencesunflwrtigereye
Like a crouching tiger that springs, claws extended, our self-defenses can be ferocious! Those with low self-esteem may have hair-trigger survival instincts implanted during abuse, trauma, or from being in violent circumstances. Helps to balance the personality when PTSD has thrown the nervous system askew. Or, for those who cannot stand up for themselves, this flower essence catalyzes the inner tiger. Wouldn’t you rather have choice? You can purr, you can growl, you can roar!

Sunflower Wednesday’s Child Flower Essence
“Woe is me, I’ve lost my light, how shall I ever find it?” is the refrain of this flower, and what it heals. For of course we cannot ever really lose our light, it is eternal and ever-present. It just seems like we have, when we contract, construct walls around ourselves, and how awful does that feel?
This plant bloomed from a mix so I don’t know the actual name of the variety, if it has one… This name came to me as I made the essence and is so fitting. sunflowers

Sunflower Rosy Eclipse Flower Essence
Rosy Eclipse Sunflower is for healing any oppressive time, memories, situations or relationships that still linger energetically due to the emotional bonds we had within them, despite how limiting those situations were. The energetic field of the memories “eclipse” the inner radiance of the self. When we identify with the limited sense of ourselves when we were oppressed, in order to hold onto the emotional, even loving bonds we had with people no longer physically present, we’ve stalled ourselves in time and in life. This essence restores the sunny self to its glowing radiance, so the soul can be connected with dear ones without reliving the oppressive memories.

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