Uninstaller Essence

Gnarled stump coated with brick-red fungus or lichen, with glass bowl contianing water perched in it.We’re implanted, programmed, and boxed by energetic patterns, meshs, ties, structures that resemble a vast multi-dimensional house of cards held in place on the quantum level by emotional and mental charges that build on one another and plug in to existing energetic structures that are inherited, that surround our planet and beyond. Think of an operating system in your computer. Your computer can’t run without it. It takes up lots of space in your computer, organizes all your data, controls what you can and can’t do, and lots more. Mostly invisibly. We call it “reality” because we experience it as so real. Yet it is not, it is all created, all illusory.

A lot of this stuff gets installed in us as infants, just like installing software. Except there’s no handy search function to track the suckers down! We get programmed to react and emote and think and almost everything else we think we are and do. We’re beings–we’re not thinkings, doings, emotings, reactings. We’re BEings. We are capable of all those other -ings, since we’re infinite, and have infinite choice and creativity. We can play with all those energies and structures when we are BEing. Mostly we aren’t Being though, instead, we are bounced around in the house of cards like mice in a maze.

Yesterday while rambling in the forest, I came across a stump with a deep brick-red growth on it. I haven’t identified it as either fungus or lichen. So it’s the Uninstaller Essence. That’s what it does. It fills us from the inside and pushes out the installations holding all the invisible crap in place.

The deva showed me a drill bit going backwards, disappearing, as though backing out of a hole and taking everything with it. The stump, as you may see in the photo, has a cavity in which I was able to perch the bowl to make the essence. In order to propagate mushrooms on logs, a hole is drilled into the log and a wooden plug already saturated with fungal mycelium is pounded in. Installed. This is what this essence reverses. It pushes out the plug, pushes out the installations. It uninstalls the limiting, controlling, operating system of consensus reality.


New Essences: Wolf’s Milk Slime & Bitter Bolete

Wolf’s Milk essence is made by etheric infusion of a slime mold, Lycogala epidendrum. This was a first! It was dark in the woods, an overcast day, so I didn’t get a good photo. Here’s a nice photo of Wolf’s Milk with the bright pink color and glossy globes. Read briefly about slime molds at Dr.Augies blog September 24. The very next day, the bright pink was a mysterious dusky mauve-purple, and the globes had hardened. They continue to darken to near black in the next few days. These are excellent signatures for this essence.

The Wolf’s Milk essence dissolves vibrational patterns of impactions: sensory impacts from sound, light, odors, and other people’s beliefs and points of view that shock us out of being infinite space and energy, and into solidity. Ouch! Then we create more solidity around the impactions.

When I met this slime mold in the forest a few weeks ago, I didn’t know it was a slime mold. I’d encountered slime molds as slow-moving sheets, not bright pink globules. I hadn’t read about impactions yet either, so I didn’t have that word. I held my hands near it, not touching, as the energy emanating from it was so strong.

I sat with it for quite awhile, as it had a lot of healing for me, especially around birth and pre-natally. I experienced intensity around the vulnerability and fragility of our biological forms, not just physical vulnerability from violence, war, injury and so on; also the violence we can experience in our subtle bodies, and our emotional, mental, spiritual selves. I used the Emotion Code to clear this as it came up, a lot of horror and love unreceived.

Once the deva was working with me, I found a more comfortable spot nearby to sit while all this was happening. Then I returned to the log to thank the being, and for closure. This time, I lightly touched one of the globules, which I’d thought was a fungus, and thought would be substantive like a mushroom. Instead, the globule instantly oozed to goosh, reminding me of brains. (Another name for this slime mold is Pink Toothpaste.)

I didn’t have my essence making equipment with me at the time. I made notes about what I’d experienced, and kept an eye out for another Wolf’s Milk, which I encountered the other day much closer to home. Reading in the reference notes for F/L1 today, I ran across the impactions information.


Bitter Bolete

This mushroom, Tylopilus felleus, has the interesting property of being so bitter in taste it is inedible to most people. Individuals who do not perceive bitter tastes, however, enjoy eating it! Most mushrooms have gills beneath their caps. Boletes have pores, the spore-producing surface under the cap resembling a sponge as they mature. Many of them are choice edibles. None are deadly poisonous, though some will cause intense gastric distress temporarily. I didn’t get a good photo of this one, so here’s a link to Bitter Bolete photo. You can see the pore surface is pinkish, and the markings on the stalk. Note the areas of pores where slugs have been feeding, obviously this is a treat to them.

The deva revealed it’s healing attribute as beingness; though we exist currently in physical form, and perceive ourselves in a conditioned world with conditioned mind, our true nature is beingness, which is unaffected by that.

I’ve added this essence to my Access the Infinite combination, which you can purchase on my etsy shop. This combination also contains the parchment fungi essences Zap! and Ears of the Forest, from previous posts. One of these days I’ll get to figuring out how to add a “buy” button right to these posts! What else is possible?

New Essence: Purple Crust Dissolves Supermind

Purple Crust fungus essence is mind-boggling, literally. Pulses of source energy, high frequency, entered my body through my hand touching it, pulses dissolving something…what? I just relaxed into it, allowed and received it…big, it dissolves something big–reality. What reality? Not material, not mental–the best that came to me was a phrase my Bars-buddy Johanna used when she came back from Rikka Zimmerman’s Toronto 5-day: “unsubscribe from this reality.”

A section of fallen pine branch coated with light to medium purple, with a lighter area in the middle almost white, looking like a splash of thick paint. This etherically infused fungus essence dissolves the "supermind" of ordinary reality & reboots to a different choice

That’s what Purple Crust essence does even more, not just unsubscribe. It dissolves the compulsions, the connections, the hooks. Like a total reboot of our OS to upgrade to the New Earth crystalline “grid.” I so dislike that word, grid, it’s so rigid! My perception of this informational/energy level is that it flows, bends, it’s more like a spiderweb flexing in the wind, than an urban grid of numbered streets that gets gridlocked with traffic. That’s what folks call it so I’m mentioning it here, and then I’m calling it the golden crystalline net. Matrix is actually a beautiful word for it, as its root is mother, which Earth is. Matrix has been coopted by the movie though, in which it means something sinister.

I digress! Purple Crust essence dissolves the old paradigm reality structure in our body-mind field. Then we can choose what we’d like, either to replace that with the New Earth matrix-web-net, or to live free in the question of infinite being.

Then I started reading my newly purchased and printed-out pages of the Access Consciousness reference notes for Foundation/Level 1, all 388 pages. And thank you to flower essence customer Linda Harrison for clueing me in to the existence of this amazing material! There’s a whole section, pages and pages and pages of explanation and clearings, on the supermind. A couple pages into it I perceived that this supermind is what the Purple Crust essence dissolves. How does it get any better than that? I love the synchronicity of making an essence and writing my descriptions about the deva’s communications, and then finding more words for it in a book or poem, movie or song, or AC reference notes.

Check out the awesomeness of how this essence came to me: my husband is planning to buy a motorcycle. He’s ordered a shed for the motorcycle. The shed is going to go next to our driveway, where we planted some rhododendrons last year (or maybe the year before–can I remember? is it relevant?) Tromping through the woods, I scouted new locations for the rhododendrons. I cleared away branches we’d tossed there, and that had fallen in a recent storm. This essence literally fell from the sky at my feet.

Suddenly I saw purple. (Remember the passage from the novel and movie, about seeing the color purple in a field, and how that lifted the protagonist out of everyday reality?) Purple on a fallen branch. I’d never seen that before. I picked up the branch in wonder. This wasn’t just purplish, or lavenderish, this was purple.

Purple is an unusual color in the fungus realm. There are some purple mushrooms. This isn’t a mushroom, it’s a crust fungus. This sounds like what it is: a fungus that grows along a surface so it appears there’s this crust layer of fungus over it. For those of you who are grossed out by fungoid subjects, please be enlightened: fungi growing in the forest are totally different from mold that grows in your veggie drawer or bathroom or wherever. Molds of this type inhabit areas of stagnant, low energy. Their presence is the universe telling you to make a shift in the energy in that area.

Forest fungi are particular about where they grow. Like wild mushrooms, they need the right kind of wood to inhabit, of a certain age and type. These fungi that I see on fallen branches have been growing high in the trees, inside branches and beneath bark exposed to light and wind and rain and snow. They spend years developing invisible mycelial networks, saturating an area of wood or earth before encountering another fungi of the same species, exchanging DNA, and fruiting.

Fruiting is what it’s called when threads of mycellium transform themselves into a mushroom or other shape that is visible, exposed to the outer air. Unlike plants that create flowers in order to exchange DNA with other flowers and make seeds, fungi fruit with the next generation’s DNA already combined in their spores. The Purple Crust that caught my eye in the forest is shedding embryos.

Purple! I am amazed each time!    

I couldn’t find any purple crust fungi in my books. There’s an indigo blue crust, very different color. So I don’t have a Latin name for this, or even a common name. This is not unsual; close to a third of the fungi I encounter in my rambles aren’t in my books. What else is possible?

Purple Crust fungus essence dissolves ordinary reality attachments in the body-mind, the supermind, allowing choice and connection to the New Earth crystalline energy web. Photos shows circular purple crusts that merge on a fallen branch.


Chemistry of Joy 2

This is cool!! Since generating the chemistry of joy in my body, huge chunks of energetic structures from infancy and childhood have been showing up and getting uncreated and destroyed. These have been BIG releases, and they’ve had some discomfort: low energy, nausea, vomiting, blah sorts of feelings towards life and the world. Happy to be through that!

What seems to be happening is that the contrast between the background vibration and whatever else is going on has been highlighted by the brightness of the background being joy. When those foreground things are large, they cast a large shadow in the brightness of joy. This makes them easy to perceive. How does it get any better than that? And when they’re gone, there’s a larger field of brightness, which shows up even more, in more detail, like reading a book outside at night. At first the page is barely visible. Moving near a light shows the print, and holding it close to the light makes it readable.

This popped out at me today, when I perceived that different places in my body were generating localized chemistries of their own. Riveted by this, I immediately tested to find out where and what was being generated. I found over a dozen of these mini-generating fields, such as my right arm generating the chemistry of guilt, my bladder generating the chemistry of sorrow, my left fourth toe generating the chemistry of shock.

I treated these areas like walls rather than using equations. That is, asking “is my left hand generating the chemistry of bitterness?” yes “What is contributing to that?” and then releasing each one that comes up. Interestingly, most of what was being generated was not one of the emotions contributing to it. The toe generating shock had no shock as a contributor.

And places that had a lot of layers changed what they were generating. A cyst that has been bugging me for years was generating the chemistry of disgust, mostly because every time I noticed it, I charged it with another layer of whatever emotion at the time. After releasing several layers, the chemistry being generated changed to fear, and then after releasing just a few layers, the chemistry of joy was generated.

My right arm went through several of these shifts, from guilt, to resentment, to unsupported, to low self-esteem, to abandonment, and finally joy. Some of the layers required 20 or more repetitions of that emotion to release. A few of the layers were psychic traumas. One of the places shifted from its original chemistry to the chemistry of psychic trauma!

My cat will join me as I’m using the magnet if she would like me to release something from her. I realized I can use this method on her, too, so her body is generating the chemistry of joy. How long does a body live when it’s generating joy? What is possible we haven’t even thought of? I found my cat was generating the chemistry of resentment–seemingly from the other animals who used to live with us. She’s the only one, now, and this evening I released that and began on the generation of the chemistry of joy.

Blessings to all–


The Chemistry of Joy

The title of this post popped into my head last week. It comes from an old Jo Dunning talk that I have on the 12 CD set Journey of Awakening. I had just completed some Emotion Code clearing and instantly recognized this was the next equation to clear.

Why the chemistry of joy? Jo explained in her talk that joy is the vibration that signals our cells to respond positively with life-affirming processes in our physical bodies.  I took this to mean that whatever vibration I was currently vibrating at, my cells weren’t doing that! So I checked on the Emotion Code chart for which emotion my vibration is, and not surprisingly it was worthlessness. Hans Christian King calls self-worth the last lesson of the old soul. As in, saving the hardest for last. That’s been me, my friends. No more!

It took me a few days to take virbrating at worthlessness to 0%, and take Generating the Chemistry of Joy from 0% to 100%. Then there was regular minor slippage for a couple days. Folks, this one feels really really nice. It’s like I’m purring all the time. How does it get any better than this? Stick with me, we’re going there, too!

I still have some aches and pains in the bod, and I recognize that it takes time to shift decades of physical and energetic structures. Thing is, now I don’t worry about them, I don’t pay attention the same way, it’s like–yeah, back hurts in that spot, no biggie. Joy will take care of it. Like snow melting in spring sun, it’s all on its way out.

Last night we had a power outage from storm winds. From my purring place, I simply perceived I had a number of points of view about power failures. (We’ve had couple of major outages on my December birthdays, including one that was 5 days long. After 48 hours on that one, we got a generator.) It was simply magic, using Access tools and my Hampshire College refrigerator magnet to release these by candlelight, with the warm wind and rain gusting in the trees outside. I had the back door open as the rain wasn’t coming into the house.

Then my daughter got home from work and we played a couple rounds of Carcasonne. She took lovely photos of our candlelit game. In both rounds, I picked the majority of the cloister tiles, and won one round by entire scoreboard (50 points). It was the purring…it was like the quantum entrainment field was guiding my tile choices, like I was massaging it. Pure magic feels really really nice.

Got clear on some money stuff, the deeper self-worth stuff underlying that: check this equation out: ask “How much is my work worth per hour?” as a dollar value. I started at $58. Reminds me of the percentage of how much women are paid for the same work as men. Interesting point of view. Took a lot of Emotion Code to get this figure past $59, then suddenly it skyrocketed to infinity! Weip? Stay tuned!

When Brains Change

All this energy healing, clearing, and awareness seems to be changing my brain. I don’t think the same, or talk the same, or operate the same. Each day is new and different in ways I’d not previously imagined.

Some things are almost the same, with a shift in perspective, a lack of charge.

A recent meeting with a few people I don’t know well and/or hadn’t met, discussing a potentially adversarial issue in our neighborhood, turned out far better than anyone expected. I went into this situation without investment in outcome. I used Access tools and the Emotion Code prior to the meeting to increase Potency to 100%, and decrease attachment to any agenda.

The discussion went round, covered everything with no solution, started to go round again with the emotions more charged from those experiencing most threat. I was in potency, just asking what else is possible? and using the Access clearing statement whenever I perceived a particular stuck energy.

I recognized that the stuck place wasn’t property lines or right of ways, or anyone’s intentions (everyone was on board for finding a solution). It was diesel fumes from equipment. So I asked about the possibility of a mitigation device for the equipment–no dice on that. My question did derail my heavily invested neighbor from the round and round to instead contribute the awesome suggestion of using biodiesel.

A quick phone call to a local supplier put the price in the realm of consideration, and a few weeks later, biodiesel was successfully in use. Everyone’s happy! How does it get any better than that? What else is possible?

Red Imp Calibrachoa, Japanese Knotweed

New flower essences! Red Imp for staying cool & centered in heat. Japanese Knotweed for awareness of, and mitigating effects of surroundings, especially those sensitive to what’s going on in other dimensions.

Red Imp

Calibrachoa Cabaret Red Imp is like a diminutive petunia in form and habit, and such a hot red color I’ve never seen before in a flower. Calibrachoa, as far as I can tell, is an invented, hybridized genus. I find that plants from modern breeding often have very contemporary healing capacities. This brilliant red is slightly on the pink end of red. Note the flowers have bright gold in their centers.

Bright, hot pinkish-red flowers with bright gold throats, floating on water in a clear bowl

Think of hot things: heat waves, rage & fury, bustling kitchens, pressured sales floors, violent conflicts. Red Imp flower essence keeps us cool and calm in the midst of these.

Red Imp flower essence has another use, for those who are disconnected from earthly, animal vibrations, from the root chakra, and from embodiment. These are hot, red frequencies of energy much more dense than many souls incarnating on Earth at this time of awakening can bring themselves to resonate with. These souls may have never taken corporeal form prior to this birth. They simply don’t have the capacity to vibrate in this range. They are vegetarians and vegans. They are challenged by time and space and having a body. Red Imp flower essence assists in bridging the soul to the intensity of being in the body as a natural environment for spiritual expression with ease and joy.

Japanese Knotweed

Outside its native Japan, Japanese Knotweed, Fallopia japonica, is considered one of the most invasive plants in the world. Extremely difficult to remove once established, due to its vigor and extensive roots which can spread 23 feet, and over 9 feet deep. In Japan, it is used as food and medicine. It spread in the Americas and Europe after being planted as an ornamental. It is quite beautiful, spreading tall and wide, with large, heart-shaped leaves on gracefully drooping stems. It blooms in latest summer when few other flowers blossom. The stems are sectioned somewhat like bamboo, and the nodes between the sections is where the prolific sprays of creamy flowers form.

Japanese Knotweed flower essence addresses the effects of the multi-dimensional quantum reality in which we exist. We often experience this in our daily lives as picking up thoughts and other energies from other people and the Earth. Physics informs us that material reality is illusory, with quantum particles zipping here and there without regard to our notions of the solidity of our bodies. Likewise, emotions are energies, bodily sensations and their attendant thoughts are energies, groups have energies, words have energies, and all these energies and more are broadcast and received continuously. And that’s just our dimension!

As a culture, we are becoming more aware of how much we are affected by those around us, and how much we affect them. When we get happier, our family, neighbors, friends and co-workers also get measurably happier, and then their circle gets happier. More usually, we experience other “stuff” as fogging our awareness, bringing us down, confusing our sense of self, even causing physical pain. Japanese Knotweed flower essence helps us become aware that these perceptions are of stuff that is not ours, that our bodies can be our space, that we can make the demand not to be invaded this way.

I gave a bottle of Japanese Knotweed essence to a friend who recently learned of her capacity to create portals to other dimensions. The essence showed her unmistakably the variety and quantity of other-dimensional entities in her awareness. Much more to discover on this!

Flint Corn, Moonbeam Coreopsis, Black Velvet Petunias

More new flower essences! Our construction project is on hold while we wait for supplies, so…

Italian Heirloom Flint Corn

The Flower Essence Repertory, by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, has an excellent description of Corn flower essence, Zea mays. Their Corn essence is characterized by the need of the soul to adjust to physical form to express through our limited Earthly vehicles.

Spray of golden red brown corn tassel

This Flint Corn flower essence is essentially similar, with an orientation towards nourishing the star-being, the infinite consciousness that the soul is. Those with strong resonance with the star realms, with former existences from non-corporeal planes of being, “home base” being somewhere other than Earth–may have difficulties with some basic requirements of Earthly form, such as ingesting food: absorbing Earthly life forms to nourish their own Earthly body.

Corn is not an entirely Earthly life form. Like many human lineages, Corn is a combination of Earthly life and the star-beings gift of extraterrestrial design. Corn originated in the Americas, where it was the most important staple of most of the indigenous peoples. It has existed for some 30,000 years in association with shamanic cultures in which individuals routinely travelled beyond Earth, the material plane, and our solar system.

In its young stages, corn kernels are milky. As it matures it becomes more starchy and dry, which is a valuable property for storage and culinary versatility. So it nourishes the soul with the milky liquid of the Milky Way, and then nourishes the body with Earth-embodied qualities of time and space.

We–Earth and the humans on it–are undergoing an evolutionary transition together. We are stepping into galactic consciousness, Earth and humans hand in hand. Corn flower essence assists us in being the bridge connecting Earth and cosmos, by nourishing the starry beings who have come to Earth to bring this transition about.

Earth energies currently are densely material. To a cosmic being, Earthly life is incredibly slow, ponderous, limited. These ultra dense, slow frequencies are challenging to beings from the star realms. Flint Corn essence supports the soul in maintaining sources of nourishment in both the starry realms and the Earthly.

Moonbeam Coreopsis

Bright yellow Coreopsis Moonbeam flower

Another extraterrestrial flower essence! Moonlight is reflected sunlight. This flower essence supports the inner illumination of being and body by the solar Self, from within our core self, our source. Most of us are oriented towards the exterior lights of other people, created reality, and our mental interpretations of who we are or need to be to fit into that external reality. We project our solar selves outward onto others and the world, creating even more of this dense appearance of external reality.

Moonbeam Coreopsis flower essence reorients the solar self, the perception, the awareness from outer to inner source illumination. It has a soft, golden, penetrating quality that is calm, present, numinous.

Black Velvet Petunia            

This is an awesomely dark flower, intensely purple, appearing black in most lights. The deeply fluted trumpet form and velvety texture create a shaded depth that pulls in light and vision where it disappears.

Petunia flower essences resonate with the throat center, the voice, the expression of self. The color of the flower adds complexity. This very dark color resonates also with the sacral chakra, deep in the belly, the center that generates creativity including reproduction, sexuality.

Black Velvet Petunia flower essence addresses the state where despair is welcomed, where despair feels like comfort, softly sinking into it deeper, deeper. The sacral and throat centers both have strong affinities with the astral: the sacral through the emotional energies it generates and uses to sense and connect with others; and the throat through the use of the will carried on the voice to control others, and the throat’s manifesting capacity to create realities. When we sink ourselves deep in our own will, our own creations, we lose perspective and connection. We’re lost in our own illusion. The Black Velvet Petunia flower essence allows the fecund space of despair in which a new expression, a new creation arises. This is every sort of creative despair: despair at infertility, despair at attracting a mate for the soul, despair at sexual potency, poverty and other failures of abundance, of thriving, despair at life itself having run out of perceived possibilities. The mind running out, finding only the walls it has built.

Black Velvet Tiger Petunia

This is a color variant of Black Velvet Petunia in which golden rays emanate from the throat of the blossom.

2 blossoms float on water in a clear bowl: intense dark purple fluted petals form a deep funnel-shaped flower with gold rays emanating from the throat

In the dark night of despair, the sun flares forth with new light, new possibility. Renewal!

More New Flower Essences

Great flower essence-making weather! dry, sunny…made 5 new flower essences: Cherry Tomato, 2 Nicotianas, Caraway and Piracicaba, which is a sort of Brazilian broccoli. Nature spirits love to dance in the energy above the flower essence bowls. It looks like it feels to them the way a jacuzzi feels to us, only no gravity!

Honeydrop Cherry Tomato

round, golden cherry tomato fruit

Sweetness–is life! So much of life doesn’t taste sweet though…and this flower essence throws off all that!

Nicotianas: Green & Purple

a dark, reddish-purple blossom on the left, a pale green one on the right. In the centers of the 5 petals is a well.

Nicotiana is the genus of tobacco. All these plants have the same soft, furred leaves, with the sap smelling of nicotine. Some of the flowers of the species have lovely fragrance, often in the evening.

Green Nicotiana flower essence clears blocks to communion with Earth especially on the causal level. The Earth’s vibration includes beauty, pleasure, money, and other forms of abundance and prosperity, as well as nature.  

Purple Nicotiana flower essence also clears the causal subtle body. It’s focus is spiritual limitation, blocks to realization of truth.   


This plant is a member of the umbelliferae family, related to dill, anise, fennel. The flower essence is warming to the mind, supporting an active thought process. Helpful for those with fly-away thoughts, elusive memory, difficulty grasping what’s happening either internally or externally.   


A non-heading broccoli-type vegetable from Brazil. The flower essence helps us experience loose, free change in our bodies and the structures of our lives.

Loosely flowering with soft yellow blossoms; broccoli-type vegetable from Brazil, the Piracicaba flower essence supports free change in life & bodies

New Flower Essences!

Wow! 10 new flower essences though the summer has been busy with home maintenance/improvement, drought alternating with lots of rain, and lots of energy work! I do find free days to make flower essences. Hurray! One of my most favorite activities! So here are the latest!

Feherozon Sweet Paprika Pepper

A typical white pepper flower on a modestly sized plant. The pepper fruits are a soft yellow with a sweeter, milder taste than most peppers. They ripen to red and are dried for a very sweet paprika.

soft yellow elongated pepper fruit

The essence of Feherozon Paprika Pepper brings cheerfulness, like a salsa band dancing along showering their music as bright juicy colors, invigorating rhythms, joyous songs!

Sensual Bliss Daylily

This first bloom of one of my own seedlings took my breath away when I first saw it. The petals are soft pinky-orange streaked with a lovely yellow that deepened to gold-cantaloupe as the day progressed.

the central golden-yellow core of this lovely daylily flower, with anthers bursting like a joyous fountain from broad swaths of rose-pink streaked with pale yellow and white

Daylily flower essences refresh some aspect of life each day. This one refreshes that lush, kissing feeling of falling into the pleasure of the moment. Daily refreshment of the choice to be here, be in our bodies, show up for the bliss of the Earth experience.


Blue Beech Paste Tomato

All Tomato flower essences have the capacity to throw off discordant energies, patterns, memories, programs, etc. Blue Beech has the deepest action of any tomato essence I’ve made, reaching through space, time, and other dimensions to the archetypal journey of the soul. The soul in its aspect as Seeker accumulates all sorts of spiritual baggage even while divesting itself of attachment to material baggage. Clears the crown chakra and causal body, and some of the higher subtle bodies of forms, structures, ideologies, beliefs, thoughtforms and other baggage about consciousness, spirituality, and enlightenment.

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Scarlet Begonia

I was inspired to make this essence after giving my cat a similar essence from New Millennium Essences in New Zealand. Scarlet Begonia flower essence has an affinity for the kidneys, blood, and the fire element as it transforms through the meridians, organs, and liquids of the body. This essence has a potency of boosting the kidney yang in the blood and the inner heat of the kidneys. supports the integrity and coherence of the blood and kidney etheric signatures. Smooths the yang of the blood and kidneys.


Pale Lavender Yarrow 

All the yarrow flower essences repair and sheild us on the subtle energetic level. This yarrow flower begins to open a lovely lavender which pales as it continues to bloom. This essence protects, shields, repairs especially the astral subtle body. Excellent for soul repair and retrieval. Assists those with star lineage in coping with Earthly life, human emotions, and a human body.

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Pac Choi  

A member of the brassica family, Pac Choi has the typical bright yellow, 4-petaled blossoms that show the affinity of this family for form and structure in material existence. This marvelous flower essence facilitates shifting our form by shifting whatever holds our form in its present shape and size. Our beliefs and points of view create the physical conformation of our bodies–this essence helps us view ourselves and our bodies in a more playful way, as a child experiments and explores with shaping clay.

Wild Senna 

Bright yellow odd-looking flowers with black spots. Wild species of the traditional purgative herb senna. Purgative for the energy field and causal body. So this essence has a broad application for detoxing, deconditioning, clearing and cleansing of all sorts of old stuff from other lives as well as the present one.

Yellow Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily essences all help to resolve disparate polarities between what we think of in our modern cultures as typically masculine and typically feminine. For example, power and action are tradionally attributed to the masculine, while gentleness and nurturing to the feminine. We wish nowadays that we have moved beyond these limitations however whenever we bump up against these old inherited programs we can feel frustrated, blocked, silenced, burdened, unrecognized, imbalanced.

bright yellow lily flower, heavily speckled with dark reddish spots towards the center, with recurved petals

Yellow Tiger Lily flower essence is bright and bold, brave and bright! The clear bright yellow resonates with the solar plexus chakra and the solar forces of the Self. The essence helps this express clearly and freely by supporting the resolution of the oppositional polarities and conflicts of our upbringing, early life programs, or other human environments that limit our being who we are. Especially healing for the ways that our soul-self forces were turned inward, opposed, forced backward into suppression.

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Sea Pumpkin Marina di Chioggia

A rampant heirloom winter squash from Italy. I’ve never seen a squash plant produce so many flowers! They are especially rich in color and undulating in form.

golden-yellow undulating blossom with soft, expressive feeling

The essence helps us to allow the ocean of life’s possibilities to float to us all we desire. Buoyed by the playful waves of quantum entanglements we drift into the endless sea of creative action. Helpful for all sorts of manifesting including conceiving and pregancy, whether of a child or a creative project.


Thai Basil 

All the Basil essences have a cleansing and clearing effect on the sexual energies and channels. This Thai Basil has bright green leaves with darker purplish stems, and dark red-purple flower stems. The essence enhances sweetness in the sacral center, the second chakra, which is the feminine, nurturing, creative/reproductive center. Pleasure, delight, joy are our birthright here, yet many of us are limited in our capacity to experience these by past wounds and hidden hurts, secret betrayals, abandonment and so on. Thai Basil flower essence clears these old scars to free us for joy.

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