Pink Rock Crust: New Essence for Holding Patterns

This lichen essence opens our cells to new information. It can release holding patterns of defense around entrenched issues such as from childhood and multiple past lives. Assists with detoxification as it signals cells to release toxins they’ve been holding onto. And cells become more receptive to new information and also nutrients. So if you’re having issues with absorption of nutritional supplements or medications, this will help.  



This essence is being added to a number of my combinations to assist in deep change and transformation. I’m also creating a new combination called Body Releasing specifically to assist with releasing what Access Consciousness calls Holding Patterns. Holding Patterns are where we’ve locked defending for and against something into our body’s tissues, nervous system, and cellular memory/intelligence.

Most of us are familiar with defending against something; for instance we often choose to defend against being hurt. Defending for something is when we have taken a point of view, such as that we have been hurt, and we defend that point of view. When both of these are going on at the same time, we may have a lot of emotional and mental charge on these. This often sinks the entire defense system, both for and against, into the body.     

Other essences in this combination include Pentotes Orchid for awareness of holding patterns. 


Herb Robert flower essence to energetically direct the formula’s activity with pinpoint accuracy within the body.   

Garlic flower essence to strengthen the vibration of the infinite being you truly are, rather than identifying with defenses and points of view you’ve chosen in the past. Garlic also assists in destroying those defenses and points of view. How does it get even better than that?  

Sedum flower essence for unraveling the defenses and defense mechanisms and structures we’ve instituted throughout our body-mind. 

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