New Flower Essence Combination: Pre-Natal/Birth Heal

What fun! Jo Dunning’s 7th Energy Center workshop, the Crown Chakra, was amazing! Now I’m using the principles of neuroplasticity to reprogram my brain around the divine energies coming in through my cleared, restored, and initiated crown. Hdigabtt? Check out Jo’s work at

I also enjoyed Patrick Arden McNally and Meryl Vandana Brinin presenting a livestreamed class from Manhattan on Demons, Implants and Entities and How To Remove Them with the RICH clearing. Along with that flood of crown chakra energy, a lot of — most of — all of? my own perceived challenges around this seem to be working out. How awesome is that? What else is possible?

In response to a client’s situation, I created a new flower essence formula, Pre-Natal/Birth Heal, for energetic support for awareness and healing of whatever happened in utero or during birth or infancy that is still stuck and affecting you. Shock, trauma, premature birth, neglect, abandonment, adoption, separation, mistreatment, surgery, in utero exposure to stress, alcohol, drugs, accident or injury…whatever it was, if you feel wounded or damaged around this, this combination of flower essences will help transform what’s been true for you into a different choice. Some people recall being aborted in a previous existence–this flower essence formula would address that also. 

Here’s the essences I used:
Star-of-Bethlehem for energetic healing of shock and trauma; restores the energy field to connectedness, organization, and self-coherence;

Evening Primrose for healing any pre-natal & birth energetic issues;

Shooting Star supports the soul to fully incarnate; this essence was made from a pure white flower;

Roses for the vibration of universal love so the soul feels safe;

Willow Herb for switching the brain energetically towards life and happiness; 

Scallion for risking making new, creative choices; 

Goldthread for healing the spirit’s connection to body & the grief of separation from Source; 

Pink Self-Heal for being our own healers; 

Buddha Orchid for spiritual protection, blessings, & healing pre-natal and birth; especially for energetic protection from stress, distress, accident, injury in utero–works retroactively! hdigabtt?; 

Asparagus for healing things that happened suddenly, dramatically, or really fast; very strong Uranus resonance; 

Sundrops for restoring the wholeness of being that is our spiritual origin; this flower is also known as Missouri Primrose; 

Peony “Primavere” for loving ourselves and forgiving others for their involvement around this time;  

Wood Anenome helps reconcile splits between soul and mind, spirit and body, so the being in the body can love being here on Earth. Transmutes basic reactive emotional responses such as fear, anger, grief into compassion, love, and spiritual understanding. 


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