Red Imp Calibrachoa, Japanese Knotweed

New flower essences! Red Imp for staying cool & centered in heat. Japanese Knotweed for awareness of, and mitigating effects of surroundings, especially those sensitive to what’s going on in other dimensions.

Red Imp

Calibrachoa Cabaret Red Imp is like a diminutive petunia in form and habit, and such a hot red color I’ve never seen before in a flower. Calibrachoa, as far as I can tell, is an invented, hybridized genus. I find that plants from modern breeding often have very contemporary healing capacities. This brilliant red is slightly on the pink end of red. Note the flowers have bright gold in their centers.

Bright, hot pinkish-red flowers with bright gold throats, floating on water in a clear bowl

Think of hot things: heat waves, rage & fury, bustling kitchens, pressured sales floors, violent conflicts. Red Imp flower essence keeps us cool and calm in the midst of these.

Red Imp flower essence has another use, for those who are disconnected from earthly, animal vibrations, from the root chakra, and from embodiment. These are hot, red frequencies of energy much more dense than many souls incarnating on Earth at this time of awakening can bring themselves to resonate with. These souls may have never taken corporeal form prior to this birth. They simply don’t have the capacity to vibrate in this range. They are vegetarians and vegans. They are challenged by time and space and having a body. Red Imp flower essence assists in bridging the soul to the intensity of being in the body as a natural environment for spiritual expression with ease and joy.

Japanese Knotweed

Outside its native Japan, Japanese Knotweed, Fallopia japonica, is considered one of the most invasive plants in the world. Extremely difficult to remove once established, due to its vigor and extensive roots which can spread 23 feet, and over 9 feet deep. In Japan, it is used as food and medicine. It spread in the Americas and Europe after being planted as an ornamental. It is quite beautiful, spreading tall and wide, with large, heart-shaped leaves on gracefully drooping stems. It blooms in latest summer when few other flowers blossom. The stems are sectioned somewhat like bamboo, and the nodes between the sections is where the prolific sprays of creamy flowers form.

Japanese Knotweed flower essence addresses the effects of the multi-dimensional quantum reality in which we exist. We often experience this in our daily lives as picking up thoughts and other energies from other people and the Earth. Physics informs us that material reality is illusory, with quantum particles zipping here and there without regard to our notions of the solidity of our bodies. Likewise, emotions are energies, bodily sensations and their attendant thoughts are energies, groups have energies, words have energies, and all these energies and more are broadcast and received continuously. And that’s just our dimension!

As a culture, we are becoming more aware of how much we are affected by those around us, and how much we affect them. When we get happier, our family, neighbors, friends and co-workers also get measurably happier, and then their circle gets happier. More usually, we experience other “stuff” as fogging our awareness, bringing us down, confusing our sense of self, even causing physical pain. Japanese Knotweed flower essence helps us become aware that these perceptions are of stuff that is not ours, that our bodies can be our space, that we can make the demand not to be invaded this way.

I gave a bottle of Japanese Knotweed essence to a friend who recently learned of her capacity to create portals to other dimensions. The essence showed her unmistakably the variety and quantity of other-dimensional entities in her awareness. Much more to discover on this!

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