Relating, Relationship, Connection? Communion?

Hosting Susan Lazar Hart for the Right Relationship For You classes has brought up a lot of questions for me. More questions than responses…until this week, when insights have started to flow.

I became aware that my usual idea that relationships are primarily with other people is just the tip of the iceberg. I have a relationship with myself, and with my body, too. What about the Earth? food? money? the past and future? Can’t we potentially have relationships with anything and everything? In any moment, whatever I put my attention on seems to create a relationship.

I’ve pictured each relationship as a wire connecting me to another person, with an electric charge flowing through the wire. Some charges are attracting. Others are repelling.

A relationship is a connection whether it feels good or bad. We have relationships with people we dislike and we are just as connected to them as people we like. When there’s no distance between me and what I’m connected with, it feels like union, and sometimes it’s horrible, like abuse you can’t escape from in that moment. And sometimes that closeness is really really yummy, like communion you hope goes on and on. It seems to me that the longing for communion brings us into connection with more and more of life. 

Relating seems to be what I do in a relationship. I relate to what I’m connected with. If I don’t like it I may push it away, or contract away from it with avoidance. If I long for communion I may try to tug it closer. Relating seems to be what I do all day long! “I want MORE of THAT!” “I want less of that, go away!” Push and pull, push and pull. Trying to control, trying to get what I want. Trying to make my life into the life I want it to be.

There are relationships that seem to have fixed lengths of wire between me and that. Money is like that. There was a set distance between me and how much money I made, so that the amount of money that came to me would stay the same for long periods of time, and then stretch bigger temporarily, and then snap back to the old length. That is changing as I do more and more Access Consciousness, and I still wonder: what is it that sets the distance between me and money? What would no distance be like? Communion with abundance?

My analytical mind could spin all this out on and on. What I love about Access classes, and especially about Susan Lazar Hart, is that all that spinning out, and all the wires of various lengths and charges of attraction and repulsion suddenly just GO AWAY. There I am, in a room with other people and so much space! What a relief! The wires and the thinking are gone and a whole lot of it never comes back after the class is over. As in, never comes back. Ever.

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