Smile, Moon!

Send the Moon a Smile!

What if this was a new International holiday? Every New Moon in Cancer becomes this day when people all over the world smile at the sky! The Moon is invisible at the New Moon, so everyone will be picturing Moon in their hearts and minds.

The energy of a smile is peace, joy, love, happiness! A smile says “Everything is OK!”

This year is the first International Send the Moon a Smile Day! or night–the New Moon in Cancer this year occurs at 04:25 Universal Time on July 19. Here’s a link to find what time it is wherever you are in the world:

The Moon has asked us for smiles on this date. For almost 4 hours before the actual New Moon (when Sun and Moon align in the same degree of the sky), Moon is most able to disperse old energetic baggage.

The Moon orbits at the boundary of Earth’s astral body. For millennia, human thoughts, emotions, traumas, opinions & beliefs & on & on…have gone out of our ancestors & us. It’s floating around in Earth’s aura. The Moon is ready to let go of it, just the way a lot of us are ready to let go of our old baggage so we can step into a new paradigm for living in peace & prosperity.

So this is an event for Humans & Earth as well as Moon.

This came to me during the solar eclipse May 20, 2012. Our Milky Way galaxy is sending higher consciousness energy frequencies into our solar system. This energy consciousness upgrade is about as easy for our solar system to integrate as someone who’s never used a computer before to learn to navigate the internet.

Kind of an adjustment period. A learning curve.

How easy is it for our first-time computer user to cruise along the information highway in 2012 if they’re using ancient equipment, say, from 1995?

We Humans of Earth are floundering towards an amazing future lugging thousands of years of history, beliefs, customs & programming. The Moon is willing to pitch in–or pitch it out!–to contribute towards the golden age just around the corner. Moon needs our consciousness to pull it off.

So pass this along to lots of people, so lots of people will smile at Moon!

Organize an event—post it here if you’d like. Link to this page. Make your own page! I’m just the messenger—I heard the solar system’s whisper & I pass it on to you.


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  1. I’m smiling already!…moon, moon bo boon, banana fanna fo foon, mee mi mo moon, moon!

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