So Exciting!

I’ve been doing so many exciting things since recovering from chemical and food sensitivities! Travel to classes, to visit friends and family, and to make new flower essences.  Exploring new foods, especially fermented foods like kefir, water kefir, dosas & idlis, and beet kvass…and chocolate, which I hadn’t eaten in over 30 years.

Teaching Access Consciousness™ classes, what fun! I am now a Talk To The Entities™ Faciliator, Right Body For You™ Facilitator, Body Process Facilitator and Bars™ Facilitator. I’d love for you to join me for classes sometime. I’ll be expanding into teaching about flower essences and nature intelligence, too.

Along with the new, I am still doing the things I’ve enjoyed all along, like planting new areas of my garden, photographing nature, dyeing silk with artisanal plant dyes mostly from my garden, hunting mushrooms (and now I can eat them yum…), making new essences in my garden and the forest.

At last I am getting down to real butt-in-chair work and updating and expanding my websites. Stay tuned for new essences and new photos and new possibilities.

Thanks for joining me on the exciting ride!



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