Spring at last!

Oh joy! Flowers, warmth, bare feet touching the Earth! Butterflies, bees, birdsong! Spring! Spring!

For what reason is this not the greatest news ever? Every year we get this extravaganza by nature! My cat sure appreciates it to the max, rolling around on the grass, warm stones, sand, catnip; talking to the birds; climbing trees; enjoying the outdoor facilities… Try some of these, be a cat for a minute or three! Or a dog, they like to so these, too (well, maybe not the catnip or tree-climbing). Or a horse, a deer, a hawk!

I’ve always loved spring, and this spring is especially wonderful for me. I’m recovering from a couple of decades of chemical sensitivities that kept me home for years. This is my personal spring writ large!

Yes, I’m having so much fun going places I haven’t been in years, seeing people I haven’t seen in years, and doing things I’ve never done. And there’s all the delightful gardening spring brings–clearing last year’s growth, planting seeds and pansies, moving plants outside after their winter in the basement. So I haven’t kept up on this blog–I’ve thought of posts to write, and after I’ve written them in my head while making breakfast or brushing my teeth, they fly away before reaching the computer.

Oh well! 🙂 There’s more where they came from!


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