Transformation is Fun!

I’ve been having loads of fun with the adventure of transforming my life and my body with the  potent tools I’ve learned. Access Consciousness combines delightfully with the Emotion Code, with Jo Dunning’s Quick Pulse (I am now a practioner), and of course with flower and other vibrational essences. Access Consciousness offers dozens of hands-on energies called “body processes” which are fun and create a lot of change! I’m still expanding my awareness of the possibilities for these…they seem to be endless! I especially like these–unliked the Bars, the body processes are quite effective when done on oneself. What else is possible?

As my body changes, and my awareness expands, I discover new dimensions of the world that I’d blocked out by limiting my awareness, and refusing to acknowledge that I was limited there. You probably see people do this all the time: someone you know has a big judgement about something, “Oh, I don’t go there,” or “I don’t eat that.” I remember my parents doing this a lot with people, “You don’t want to go to their house, we don’t visit people like that.” And with subjects, “You don’t want to waste your time on astrology, it’s all junk.” Just to give a few examples! I discovered I had created the judgement to justify that I was refusing to be aware of what actually is. As soon as I dissolve that–and it very often shows up after I’ve let go of something else–it’s as if a new color is added to the world! Suddenly I perceive more space, more ease, more life, more possibilities, where before there had been a sort of flatness, a monotone to some aspect of life. How cool is that? What else is possible?

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