Uninstaller Essence

Gnarled stump coated with brick-red fungus or lichen, with glass bowl contianing water perched in it.We’re implanted, programmed, and boxed by energetic patterns, meshs, ties, structures that resemble a vast multi-dimensional house of cards held in place on the quantum level by emotional and mental charges that build on one another and plug in to existing energetic structures that are inherited, that surround our planet and beyond. Think of an operating system in your computer. Your computer can’t run without it. It takes up lots of space in your computer, organizes all your data, controls what you can and can’t do, and lots more. Mostly invisibly. We call it “reality” because we experience it as so real. Yet it is not, it is all created, all illusory.

A lot of this stuff gets installed in us as infants, just like installing software. Except there’s no handy search function to track the suckers down! We get programmed to react and emote and think and almost everything else we think we are and do. We’re beings–we’re not thinkings, doings, emotings, reactings. We’re BEings. We are capable of all those other -ings, since we’re infinite, and have infinite choice and creativity. We can play with all those energies and structures when we are BEing. Mostly we aren’t Being though, instead, we are bounced around in the house of cards like mice in a maze.

Yesterday while rambling in the forest, I came across a stump with a deep brick-red growth on it. I haven’t identified it as either fungus or lichen. So it’s the Uninstaller Essence. That’s what it does. It fills us from the inside and pushes out the installations holding all the invisible crap in place.

The deva showed me a drill bit going backwards, disappearing, as though backing out of a hole and taking everything with it. The stump, as you may see in the photo, has a cavity in which I was able to perch the bowl to make the essence. In order to propagate mushrooms on logs, a hole is drilled into the log and a wooden plug already saturated with fungal mycelium is pounded in. Installed. This is what this essence reverses. It pushes out the plug, pushes out the installations. It uninstalls the limiting, controlling, operating system of consensus reality.


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