Unlocking Brain Lock

I’m reading Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, by psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz. This book is rare in the way it combines information about the brain with how to change the brain. Though it doesn’t go into the brain the way I do with awareness (what else is possible?), it does provide names of specific brain areas along with information about what studies have shown these areas to relate to in our daily awareneness and behaviors. Names of places are ususally enough to use awareness to locate and communicate with whoever is there.

Especially in this case, the brain areas are those key in OCD and related conditions such as Tourette’s and Parkinson’s. These are considered “brain disorders” which is a term I would choose over Annie Hopper’s (Dynamic Neural Retraining System) “limbic impairment.” Lots of things are disordered in this reality, and there is no judgement implicit in disorder, it just is. (I mean, look at my desk…why judge myself about what happens while I’m having fun?) Impairment, however, implies damage and/or wrongness and/or lack, limitation, incapacity. My brain is doing its best (and so is yours), thank you very much! We can re-order our brains, reorganize them, restore them to an order that works better for us. It’s our choice how we’d like our brains to be organized! They are organs, which are living tissues with their own functionality as lifeforms. The root “org” is also part of organism. One of the properties of lifeforms is being self-organizing in many ways. “Org” is of course also the root in orgasm, which is the energy of new life creation.

I discovered Brain Lock while checking out DNRS. A neighbor loaned me one of the DVDs, and I recently met for the first time a long-time email/phone aquaintence who had used DNRS to heal her Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). I was intrigued, sensing possibilities for integrating my own knowing and experiences in new ways. Both of these methods use a multi-pronged, awareness-based approach utilizing a series of steps to retrain yourself and your brain. These steps are also what occurs in Access Consciousness! How does it get any better than that?

The Observer/Witness consciousness stops thought/time in the present moment, before automatic reactions/behaviors occur. This is when we can ask questions such as “What is this? Can I change this? What else is possible?” With awareness of what is, and the quantum field opening to new possibilities, we more easily make new, different choices. Making different choices in response to familiar situations changes the brain’s neural paths. Each new different choice makes it easier and easier to make more new different choices, and widens the area of neural change. Cool! How does it get even better than that?

Each step of the Brain Lock process corresponds to AC processes and tools. This isn’t “why” AC works; it’s one of the ways we change in response to consciousness, awareness, and living in the question.

Learning about this has brought my brain into my awareness in a new way. When I use AC tools and clearings, and Patrick Arden McNally’s wonderful new RICH clearing, I now often choose to include awareness of the limbic and cognitive areas of my brain. Sometimes I can feel it changing….

Since the brain is basically an organ for describing and making sense of our perceptions, our reality is what we perceive it to be. Consensus reality is what a whole bunch of us agree reality is. How funky is that, when what we’re agreeing to is based on a zillion generations of limited interpretations of what can be?

Who else is ready for something different? Something new? Expanded possibilities?

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