Words are a Little Different in Access Consciousness

A friend who had her first exposure to Access Consciousness recently, asked me what is meant by “contribute”. This was a bit of a mystery to me when I was first diving into Access. I was accustomed to thinking of contributions as donations, for instance to charity, or to contribute money to a collection someone was taking up for a friend in need. It took me awhile of learning about Access and being aware of the energy of words to get the “new” meanings, which are really the older ones.

Here’s some of what I wrote to my friend:

The founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas, is an investigator into the roots of the words we use every day, which often have different meanings in current usage than their historical meanings that evolved over millennia. Words carry the energy of their historical meanings, even tho we may mean something else by them now. Language is wired into the brain and DNA, and Wave Genetics has demonstrated that the body and DNA respond physically to frequencies including word frequencies. (I haven’t actually heard anyone in Access mention Wave Genetics; I just happen to know that.)

Long answer to short question continues:
Gary doesn’t like to use “help” or “need” or “want” or “give” or a number of other words because they create something different than what we like to think they mean. As infinite beings, would we actually require help, or need anything? He recommends “gift” instead of “give” and “require” instead of “need” and “desire” instead of “want” because those words mean what they say. He doesn’t use “love” very much because it has so many meanings it easily is read differently than what’s intended. The vibration of “gratitude” or “caring” or “kindness” are closer to what we often mean by “love” when we aren’t talking about loving an icecream flavor or a movie, or when we say making love, or when we get into relationships with family which can have all sorts of other energies also. Another example is “goal” which comes from the word “gaol” (pronounced like “jail” which “gaol” is an alternative spelling for–the 2 words mean the same thing), which is not exactly what we’d like to be aiming for! http://access-consciousness-blog.com/2011/09/want-to-change-your-life-get-a-dictionary/

So “contribute” is a word used in Access Consciousness that is what we do towards greater consciousness, the “kingdom of we” and with each other, instead of helping and other words that carry the energy of inequality or hidden meanings from the past. When we are being our infinite sparkling selves, we are contributing to everyone and everything around us just by being. Every molecule in the universe is willing to contribute to us when we ask and are willing to receive the contribution. Contribution can take any form–it can be information; or what we would usually call help such as with carrying something heavy; it can be money, taking on a task, asking the question no one else is willing to ask–all sorts of things.

Access Consciousness is really interesting that way–it is about creating more awareness about everything in our lives and our world, and then the increased awareness creates different choices, and those choices create changes in our culture with each other. And it’s changing all the time as we change and the energies change. It’s not a static system that is taught, it is a dynamic set of tools that expands all the time as new possibilities are perceived.

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