New Essence: Purple Crust Dissolves Supermind

Purple Crust fungus essence is mind-boggling, literally. Pulses of source energy, high frequency, entered my body through my hand touching it, pulses dissolving something…what? I just relaxed into it, allowed and received it…big, it dissolves something big–reality. What reality? Not … Continue reading

Red Imp Calibrachoa, Japanese Knotweed

New flower essences! Red Imp for staying cool & centered in heat. Japanese Knotweed for awareness of, and mitigating effects of surroundings, especially those sensitive to what’s going on in other dimensions. Red Imp Calibrachoa Cabaret Red Imp is like … Continue reading

Flint Corn, Moonbeam Coreopsis, Black Velvet Petunias

More new flower essences! Our construction project is on hold while we wait for supplies, so… Italian Heirloom Flint Corn The Flower Essence Repertory, by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, has an excellent description of Corn flower essence, Zea mays. Their … Continue reading

More New Flower Essences

Great flower essence-making weather! dry, sunny…made 5 new flower essences: Cherry Tomato, 2 Nicotianas, Caraway and Piracicaba, which is a sort of Brazilian broccoli. Nature spirits love to dance in the energy above the flower essence bowls. It looks like it … Continue reading

New Flower Essences!

Wow! 10 new flower essences though the summer has been busy with home maintenance/improvement, drought alternating with lots of rain, and lots of energy work! I do find free days to make flower essences. Hurray! One of my most favorite … Continue reading

Points of View & Memory of Water Dream

I dream there’s a sand cliff. I’m huddled at the base, hiding from something. Someone else is there. The sand is quite damp, so when 2 creatures like very furry, black, elongated kittens pop out of it, and dive into … Continue reading

New Flower Essence: Blue Passionflower

Passiflora caerulea is the most otherworldly blossom I’ve seen. The first time my vine bloomed and I attuned to it, I had an intense experience, with powerful sensations in my heart chakra. What came to me in that initial contact … Continue reading