Flower Essences & Emotion Code

The emotions on the Emotion Code chart are listed here alphabetically. Under each emotion is one or more flower essences that releases it, followed by the affirmation for doing so. Below that is the method, as follows:

As you take the flower essence in your preferred way (directly in mouth or diluted in a small amount of water), repeat the affirmation the number of times specified:  1x = once, 2x = twice, and so on. Repeat this procedure every 3 hours. After you’ve done this the number of times specified as the “doses” you can reduce the total number of the specific trapped emotion by the percentage listed. Retest the number at this point, as often more than the exact amount of the percentage will have released. Also if you repeat the affirmation more times with each dose, more may be released.

If more than one flower essence is listed under the emotion you’re releasing, test which one is best for you. I can provide dosage bottles of all of these essences–see my website’s order page, or email me. The essences that I don’t make are in parentheses.

If there is no dosage and percentage formula listed for that flower essence, you can test it yourself, or contact me and I will test it for you. I’m interested in how this works for people, so feel free to tell me what sorts of experiences you have with it.

You can buy many of these essences directly from me. Some others are available from Flower Essences of Fox Mountain (Fox Mt), and a few are made by David Dalton (DD), or Healing Herbs (HH).

Abandonment: Autumn Flowering Cherry (Fox Mt) “I am cherished” 2x, 3 doses, 4%

Anger: Red Impatiens

“I am divine loving vibration”  4x, 2 doses, 8%


“I am cool, I am calm” 4x, 2 doses, 6%


Anxiety: Lotus (Fox Mt) “I am safe” 2x, 3 doses, 9%

Blue Vervain

“I am at ease” 1x, 3 doses, 7%


“I breathe easy & free” 4x, 2 doses, 12%

Scarlet Pimpernel (Fox Mt)  “I allow the past”

Marshmallow (DD) “I am gentle”

Moonshine Yarrow

“I relax about _____”  4x, 3 doses


Betrayal: Marsh Marigold

“My heart still shines”


Bitterness: Wild Cherry

“I let go of the past”


Blaming: Horseradish

“I forgive myself”, “I take responsibility”


Confusion: Daffodil


Yellow Heirloom Rose (Fox Mt)  “I am certain”


Conflict: Purple-Eye Daylily

“I am peaceful”

Wild Ginger

“I am at peace”


“I am whole, I am united”


Creative Insecurity: Siberian Iris

“My soul is singing”


Crying: Bleeding Heart

“I am happy” 8x, 3 doses, 18%


Defensiveness: Borage

“I am courageous” 3x, 5 doses, 6%


“I am safe”


“I respond with loving kindness from calm center” 14x, 1 dose, 18%



“I am safe” 6x, 4 doses, 8%


“It’s ok to say no”

Marshmallow (DD) “I am gentle”


Depression: Red Hollyhock

“I am buoyant” 3x, 3 doses, 14%


Despair: White Forsythia

“I believe”


Discouragement: Hollyhock

“I am enthusiastic”  6x, 6 doses, 9%


Disgust: Bloodroot

“I am clean, I accept what is”


Dread: Golden Pert

“I accept my fate”


Effort Unreceived: Rose Koneign von Danemark (Fox Mt)

“I am thriving”


Failure: Elecampane

“I succeed” 4x, 3 doses, 8%

Downy Juneberry

“I succeed” 4x, 4 doses, 9%


Fear: Pink Mountain Azalea

“I am love”

Mimulus (fear of fear) 

“Love in my heart washes away fear” 3x, 4 doses, 5%

“My heart is washed with laughter, laughter washes away all fears & fears of fear”

Hyssop (fears of success) 

Forlorn: Tree Peony (Fox Mt)  “I am cradled”


Frustration: Yellow Impatiens

“I am patience” 5x, 2 doses, 8%


Guilt: Hyssop

“I forgive all” 4x, 6 doses, 23%

Double White Peony

“I forgive all” 6x, 3 doses, 24%


Grief: Passionflower

“I am connected” 4x, 4 doses, 28%


Hatred: Holly (HH) “I love”


Heartache: White Bleeding Heart

“My heart is love”


Helplessnes: Garlic

“I am capable” 1x, 4 doses, 6%


Hopelessness: White Hollyhock

“I am optimistic, I am hope full, I trust & believe” 4x, 3 doses, 8%


Horror: Helleborine Orchid

“I am full of grace”


Humiliation: Sunflower

“I am wholesome”


Indecisiveness: Kolrabi

“It’s ok to choose” 3x, 2 doses, 12%

Purple Bee Balm (Fox Mt)  “I choose well”


Insecurity: Oak (HH) “I am secure”  5x, 5 doses, 9%


Jealousy: Bonica Rose (Fox Mt)

“I accept what is”


Lack of Control: Echinacea

“I hold together”

Lilac + Milk Thistle + Motherwort 

“I trust” 4x, 3 doses, 8%


Longing: Statice

Wild Ginger


Lost: Peony Largo

White Columbine (Fox Mt)

Golden Ragwort

“I know and love myself”


Love Unreceived: Borage


Peony Solange


Lust: Arugala

Wood Betony (Fox Mt)

“I delight in spirit”, “I am one with source

Low Self-esteem: Sunflower

“I respect myself”


Nervousness: Dandelion

“I am relaxed”

Overjoy: Yellow Foxglove

“I am balanced”


Overwhelm: Elm (HH)

Moonshine Yarrow


Panic: Red Clover

“I am calmly safe in the divine”  7x


Peeved: Chamomile

“I am cheerful”


Pride: Colchicum

“I am a child of life, I am humble” 3x, 4 doses, 10%

Solomon’s Seal

“I accept what is”  7x, 7 doses, 2%


Rejection: Lovage

“I am love in motion” 8x, 4 doses, 8%

Peony Solange

Resentment: Catnip

“My feelings flow often & free”  3x, 2 doses, 4%


Sadness: White Foxglove

“I am peaceful” 6x, 4 doses, 7%

Pre-conception Sadness: Peony Solange


Self-Abuse: Rose Cerise Bouquet (Fox Mt) “I am gentle with myself”


Shame: Crabapple

“I am pure good” 4x, 8 doses, 14%


Shock: Star of Bethlehem

“Life flows, I flow with life, I am in life” 3x, 3 doses, 22%


Sorrow: Queen of the Meadow

“There is solace for me”  6x, 6 doses, 18%


Stubbornness: Annual Sweet Pea

“I am easy”


Taken for Granted: Peony Solange

“I am consoled”


Terror: Okra

“I am calm, I am safe”


Unsupported: Lady’s Mantle

Waterlily (Fox Mt)   “I am supported”


Unworthiness: Money Plant

“I am worthy”  8x, 8 doses, 25%


Vulnerability: Lady’s Mantle

“I am protected”


Wishy Washy: Blackberry


Worry: Rose Morden Sunrise

“I am at peace” 3x, 2 doses, 7%

Rose Graham Thomas

3x, 2 doses, 5%

Lemon Balm

“My mind is calm”  3x, 3 doses, 3%


Worthlessness: White Money Plant (Fox Mt)

“I am worthy” 7x, 7 doses, 27%


“I am entitled by birthright”  9x, 4 doses, 15%


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