New Iris & Phlox Flower Essences

This summer has been flying by! Here are new flower essences I made in June; how does it get better than not posting them until the last day in July? 🙂

Phlox “Chatahoochee”

lovely pale lavender blue starry clusters of blossoms with bright purple eyes

For knowing with total certainty that our guides, angels, spiritual helpers, team mates, entourage…are present. Heals us of anything that doesn’t allow this deep certainty.

Bearded Iris Riches & Splendor 

The richness & splendor of the creation, & the process of creating. Energetically supports the glory of being that. Heals the hiding of the glory from ourselves & the world. Brings awareness to where we’re refusing to contribute, where we’re unwilling to be the contribution we truly are.

Iris Graminea

Delicately ruffled and veined blossom in shades of purple from palest to violet

This lovely species Iris contributes and allows delicacy and vulnerability in the soul’s life on Earth. For the soul that expresses strength easily, this essence supports other qualities.

Japanese Iris Kindness 

white misted and veined with lavender, gold flares, lavender standards

What is kindness? It isn’t always what we’ve been taught and assume it to be…This flower essence illuminates lies and false assumptions about what is kind, sympathetic, helpful. Death is often a kindness yet we are taught to see it as cruel, tragic. This essence lifts us above the tangled lies into a clear space where we float, able to perceive what is so in each situation rather than making assumptions and using the reference points of the past to react to the present.

This essence has had quite a profound affect upon me. For the first time, I’ve been able to perceive when people are lying to me, manipulating me, trying to control me and so on. Instead of reacting, I allow their choice, and my choice is to not allow them to limit me. What a relief!

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