New Essences 2011

I love to meet new plant friends and it’s exciting to share them with you. These flower essences were made in 2011. All essences made prior to 2011 are listed on, and on the Flower Essence List page. Essences made in 2012 and later appear as posts on this blog.


Ruffled Rose CyclamenRuffled Rose Cyclamen Flower Essence

Embrace your true Self with joy and enthusiasm. Become your own inspiration.



Deep pink-purple lilac blossoms edged with silvery pale.Sensation Lilac

Good for boundaries & distinctions between self & other. Excellent for work with one’s energy field, & for spiritual reality check.


White PrimulaLarge primrose blossoms of pristine white, with a bright golden yellow star in the center

Heals the lineage. Red & Gold Primula orders the lineage. White Primula clears the lineage of blocks and static with white light, so the ancestral transmission flows with love and blessings through the generations into the present. It feels really nice. I’ve added it to Healing Roots combination.



Glowing flat Impatiens blossom, bright redRed Impatiens

Turns anger, rage, resentment, frustration towards calm equanimity. Emotional poise and grace, centered power in one’s heart-strength. Get dressed-down by the divine: stripped of pretense, experience core “I am.” Simply BE. A wee bit humbling….


Pink Foamflower Delicate starry whimsical blossoms on a stem, turning from white more pink as moving upwards

I had a remarkable experience making this essence. About an hour after setting up the bowl and flower, SNAP! I saw we all have choice: misery, or joy & delight! Kicks in the right brain and connects with healing source energy in the NOW. Female/male archetypes unified in harmony. Since that day, I feel transformed, with Source energy a constant in my awareness.



Bright yellow-green button-like clusters of blossomsCypress Spurge

An Earth Evolution essence. Clears the personal field of the old, polarized, patriarchal paradigm. Replaces with the new unified consciousness of balanced, conscious archetypes. I love it with Pink Foamflower–they go together perfectly. I added this to New Earth combination.


Matchbox PepperStar-shaped white flower

A sizzling hot, miniature pepper flower essence with powerful action. Super-charged motivator sheds distractions and entanglements so you can zoom along the clear freeway of your new life. Excellent with Clearweed essence.


Lavender-pink flowers streaked with dark magenta, with speckled lip

Rose-Scented Geranium

Healing to the meridian system. Each of the five elements nurtures organs and meridians. The identity patterns of these energy flows form when we’re young by our mental-emotional actions & reactions. This essence shifts these old patterns. Useful to sustain movement toward healthy self-image & balance. 


 Hairy Penstemon 

Tubular pale purple blossoms with white flares, speckled and hairy throats

Anchors divine loving spirit in the body. Raises the vibrational frequency, which is so important now with planetary evolution speeding up. This deva’s presence is very loving, kind, and wise.

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