More New Flower Essences

Great flower essence-making weather! dry, sunny…made 5 new flower essences: Cherry Tomato, 2 Nicotianas, Caraway and Piracicaba, which is a sort of Brazilian broccoli. Nature spirits love to dance in the energy above the flower essence bowls. It looks like it feels to them the way a jacuzzi feels to us, only no gravity!

Honeydrop Cherry Tomato

round, golden cherry tomato fruit

Sweetness–is life! So much of life doesn’t taste sweet though…and this flower essence throws off all that!

Nicotianas: Green & Purple

a dark, reddish-purple blossom on the left, a pale green one on the right. In the centers of the 5 petals is a well.

Nicotiana is the genus of tobacco. All these plants have the same soft, furred leaves, with the sap smelling of nicotine. Some of the flowers of the species have lovely fragrance, often in the evening.

Green Nicotiana flower essence clears blocks to communion with Earth especially on the causal level. The Earth’s vibration includes beauty, pleasure, money, and other forms of abundance and prosperity, as well as nature.  

Purple Nicotiana flower essence also clears the causal subtle body. It’s focus is spiritual limitation, blocks to realization of truth.   


This plant is a member of the umbelliferae family, related to dill, anise, fennel. The flower essence is warming to the mind, supporting an active thought process. Helpful for those with fly-away thoughts, elusive memory, difficulty grasping what’s happening either internally or externally.   


A non-heading broccoli-type vegetable from Brazil. The flower essence helps us experience loose, free change in our bodies and the structures of our lives.

Loosely flowering with soft yellow blossoms; broccoli-type vegetable from Brazil, the Piracicaba flower essence supports free change in life & bodies

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