Spring at last!

Oh joy! Flowers, warmth, bare feet touching the Earth! Butterflies, bees, birdsong! Spring! Spring!

For what reason is this not the greatest news ever? Every year we get this extravaganza by nature! My cat sure appreciates it to the max, rolling around on the grass, warm stones, sand, catnip; talking to the birds; climbing trees; enjoying the outdoor facilities… Try some of these, be a cat for a minute or three! Or a dog, they like to so these, too (well, maybe not the catnip or tree-climbing). Or a horse, a deer, a hawk!

I’ve always loved spring, and this spring is especially wonderful for me. I’m recovering from a couple of decades of chemical sensitivities that kept me home for years. This is my personal spring writ large!

Yes, I’m having so much fun going places I haven’t been in years, seeing people I haven’t seen in years, and doing things I’ve never done. And there’s all the delightful gardening spring brings–clearing last year’s growth, planting seeds and pansies, moving plants outside after their winter in the basement. So I haven’t kept up on this blog–I’ve thought of posts to write, and after I’ve written them in my head while making breakfast or brushing my teeth, they fly away before reaching the computer.

Oh well! ūüôā There’s more where they came from!


Pink Rock Crust: New Essence for Holding Patterns

This lichen essence opens our cells to new information. It can release holding patterns of defense around entrenched issues such as from childhood and multiple past lives. Assists with detoxification as it signals cells to release toxins they’ve been holding onto. And cells become more receptive to new information and also nutrients. So if you’re having issues with absorption of nutritional supplements or medications, this will help. ¬†



This essence is being added to a number of my combinations to assist in deep change and transformation. I’m also creating a new combination called Body Releasing specifically to assist with releasing what Access Consciousness calls Holding Patterns. Holding Patterns are where we’ve locked defending for and against something into our body’s tissues, nervous system, and cellular memory/intelligence.

Most of us are familiar with defending against something; for instance we often choose to defend against being hurt. Defending for something is when we have taken a point of view, such as that we have been hurt, and we defend that point of view. When both of these are going on at the same time, we may have a lot of emotional and mental charge on these. This often sinks the entire defense system, both for and against, into the body.     

Other essences in this combination include Pentotes Orchid for awareness of holding patterns. 


Herb Robert flower essence to energetically direct the formula’s activity with pinpoint accuracy within the body. ¬†¬†

Garlic flower essence to strengthen the¬†vibration of the infinite being you truly are, rather than identifying with defenses and points of view you’ve chosen in the past. Garlic also assists in destroying those defenses and points of view. How does it get even better than that? ¬†

Sedum flower essence for unraveling the defenses and defense mechanisms and structures we’ve instituted throughout our body-mind.¬†

Pink Kangaroo Paw, Fig, Busy Lizzie Flower Essences

New flower essences of Fig, Pink Kangaroo Paw, and Busy Lizzie, show that even in the winter it is possible to make flower essences. Tropical plants come indoors when frost threatens, and they are often quite happy to grow and bloom in a sunny window. Some plants bloom according to day length; if their requirement for this happens to fall in a snowy month, then this is the only time to make that flower essence.

Busy Lizzie¬†is a type of¬†Impatiens,¬†a family of flowers characterized by a distinct lip, nectar spur, and juicy translucent stems. An¬†Impatiens¬†flower remedy¬†was one of¬†Dr. Edward Bach’s original 38 remedies. Bach, a medical doctor, researcher and homeopath, was the developer of flower essences in their modern form.¬†Busy LIzzie¬†is a New Guinea-type Impatiens, and has the interesting characteristic of having miniature tufted structures resembling tiny frilly flowers at the tips of each tooth on the leaves.


As the common name suggests, the¬†Busy Lizzie¬†flower essence¬†addresses frenzied activity. Like madly whirling radar receptors, the awareness of people of expanded consciousness–including children with ADHD–are constantly receiving quantities of information in the form of energy patterns, wavelengths, frequencies as well as words, sounds, body language, thoughts picked up from others’ minds….what else is possible? Anyone whose awareness is out of control, hyper-acute, or very sensitive due to stress, mental disorders, drugs, or nervous system conditions including trauma, may benefit from this essence. The flowers are flat, round, calm and soothing. ¬†

Fig flower essence is such an interesting one to make. I had a fig tree outdoors for years and could never find any flowers. Then I saw an article on the peculiar flowering of figs: the flowers are actually inside the baby fig fruit! A small hole at the “bottom” of the fig allows access for tiny flies that crawl inside to pollinate the fig. The flowers then become the seeds.

The Fig flower essence offers secret joy, private happiness, the ecstatic bliss of the sacral as the pulse of joy and pleasure within each of us. Joy as divine source actualized within the body, ever-present. Not of the mind, not of language, not givinng away, not trying to share, not conversing about, not describing, explaining, naming. The IS of joy we IS!

Pink Kangaroo Paw flower essence is made from a dwarf variety of this native of ¬†Australia. All the Kangaroo Paw flower essences address problems and discomfort relating to others. These flower essences heal where we’ve cut ourselves off from our awareness of others, our own warm, caring feelings, and our abilities to bond and connect with others with ease and kindness.

Pink Kangaroo Paw stands out from other Kangaroo Paws. It is a dwarf plant, with small flowers of delicate pink. The flowers are displayed on short stems that don’t rise much above the leaves, unlike other Kangaroo Paws that have very long flower staks that can rise over 4 feet above the leaves. Like other Kangaroo Paws, the pink flowers are covered with velvety soft fuzz. The gentle pink color, turning to gray when malnourished, reflects the neglected infant’s perceived failure to create loving bonds, and the subsequent despair.

I discovered this key signature of this flower quite by accident. I repotted the plant into a larger pot (it was in one of those tiny ones at the nursery) and looked up its cultural requirements, which specified excellent drainage. So I potted it with a mix instead of soil from my garden. Turned out this potting mix was devoid of nutrients. The pink flowers faded, and the new blossoms were gray! I repotted the plant again, including my own organic worm castings. The new blossoms were pink again. Most plants, in a nutrient-poor situation, will simply stop blooming, or have fewer, stunted blossoms.


This dramatic shift in blossom color clued me in to what this flower essence was about when I was consulted about a little child adopted from a foreign country, where she’d been neglected and malnourished as an infant. Imagine the disruption in developing trust, communication, and relating abilities if there is hardly anyone there to relate with? Physical touch is love and nutrition to¬†infant mammals. The resonance of this plant with this child was very strong, and the essence is having a wonderful affect.¬†

Demons of Un-Awareness & Anti-Consciousness Return to From Whence You Came!

In Access Consciousness, a “demon” is an energetic pattern that keeps us from being aware and conscious in a particular way. They come into our energy fields whenever we choose consciously or unconsciously to be unconscious about something. (How do you become consciously unconscious? Anytime you think “I don’t want to know about that, I don’t care about that, that doesn’t matter, I can’t deal with that, I can’t handle that,” etc.) They keep our awareness shut off until we consciously become aware of that and consciously make a different choice.

Through having done this quite a lot myself, I’ve become aware of what this “demon” energy feels like when I encounter it. I had an interesting experience the other day around this, where my awareness of demons expanded beyond my personal life.

I was walking while it was snowing–it was so pretty, the fluffy fresh snow coating the hemlocks and pines, and the bare branches of the maples, birches, and wild berry bushes along the road. I smelled the sweet yet industrial odor coming from one of my neighbor’s dryers. Suddenly I was aware of demon energy as well! What was that? I wondered.

I perceived in a flash that the demon energies had collected around the synthetic chemicals in the fragrances in the laundry products; the original unconsciousness may have been the chemists who invented these chemicals, who were (almost) certainly not malicious or malevolent in their manipulations of molecules to achieve a desired result. They were unaware, or chose to be unaware, of the potential harm these chemicals might cause to living cells.

Then the chemicals moved from the lab to the products on the supermarket shelves, and from the store to homes. Corporations created enticing ads to encourage sales. At every step, more demons flocked to the chemicals, the products, the ads, advertisers, corporate executives, factory workers, and consumers. Lotsa demons!

As I became aware of this in an instant, I used the RICH clearing (Release, Integrate, Clear, Harmonize) to send the demons on their way: “RICH return,” repeated until they’re gone. I became aware of how other chemicals and products in our world also have demons attached to them: cigarettes, petroleum products, plastics, cleaners…well, there’s tens of thousands. I began to RICH return all those, too. Took the rest of my walk to clear them! And those are just the ones I could imagine. You might think of some I haven’t.

Today, I encountered a similar flock of demons that wasn’t attached to things. Instead, these were collected on what I can best articulate as propaganda though it is much more subtle than that. What first came to my awareness is how there’s a new sense of inferiority laid upon people who do things for themselves rather than hiring “a professional.”

I do my own taxes. I call the IRS when I get stuck. Over the years, I’ve found the people on the telephones there to be fairly helpful. One particular issue I called about this week elicited the advice from the IRS to “seek a tax professional.” This made me cranky, and when I’d sorted out where all that irritation and resentment was coming from, I discovered this notion of the devaluing of the non-professional.

Immediately I sensed demons, and my awareness of this expanded to include store-bought vs. homemade, restaurant food vs. home-cooked, cultivated food vs. wild, old-fashioned vs. new. There’s plenty of people who resist this–look at etsy, where millions sell and buy hand-crafted items.

What else is there in our society and our rapidly changing world where demons of unawareness are discouraging us from becoming conscious of what’s really happening? Like a cloaking device, a smokescreen, the energy of a demon redirects attention away from actually perceiving what’s going on. Like The Silent in Dr. Who, we can’t perceive what we immediately aren’t aware of.

RICH return all that!!

What possibilities for something totally different on planet Earth might suddenly appear in our consciousness, like the elephant in the living room, when the demons depart? How much of what we think we have choice about will be revealed as unawareness? What choices do we truly have that we don’t know we have?

What else is possible?

I’m now a Bars Facilitator!

Access Consciousness (TM) has worked wonders in my life and I am so pleased now to offer The Bars (TM) to others via sessions and classes. Do you know someone in western Massachusetts, southern Vermont/New Hampshire who would enjoy receiving new possibilities for space, consciousness, change?

They can contact me right here about my upcoming classes and ongoing sessions!

New Flower Essence Combination: Pre-Natal/Birth Heal

What fun! Jo Dunning’s 7th Energy Center workshop, the Crown Chakra, was amazing! Now I’m using the principles of neuroplasticity to reprogram my brain around the divine energies coming in through my cleared, restored, and initiated crown. Hdigabtt? Check out Jo’s work at jodunning.com.

I also enjoyed Patrick Arden McNally and Meryl Vandana Brinin presenting a livestreamed class from Manhattan on Demons, Implants and Entities and How To Remove Them with the RICH clearing. Along with that flood of crown chakra energy, a lot of — most of — all of? my own perceived challenges around this seem to be working out. How awesome is that? What else is possible?

In response to a client’s situation, I created a new flower essence formula, Pre-Natal/Birth Heal, for energetic support for awareness and healing of whatever happened in utero or during birth or infancy that is still stuck and affecting you. Shock, trauma, premature birth, neglect, abandonment, adoption, separation, mistreatment, surgery, in utero exposure to stress, alcohol, drugs, accident or injury…whatever it was, if you feel wounded or damaged around this, this combination of flower essences will help transform what’s been true for you into a different choice. Some people recall being aborted in a previous existence–this flower essence formula would address that also.¬†

Here’s the essences I used:
Star-of-Bethlehem for energetic healing of shock and trauma; restores the energy field to connectedness, organization, and self-coherence;

Evening Primrose for healing any pre-natal & birth energetic issues;

Shooting Star supports the soul to fully incarnate; this essence was made from a pure white flower;

Roses for the vibration of universal love so the soul feels safe;

Willow Herb for switching the brain energetically towards life and happiness; 

Scallion for risking making new, creative choices; 

Goldthread for healing the spirit’s connection to body & the grief of separation from Source;¬†

Pink Self-Heal for being our own healers; 

Buddha Orchid for spiritual protection, blessings, & healing pre-natal and birth; especially for energetic protection from stress, distress, accident, injury in utero–works retroactively! hdigabtt?;¬†

Asparagus for healing things that happened suddenly, dramatically, or really fast; very strong Uranus resonance; 

Sundrops for restoring the wholeness of being that is our spiritual origin; this flower is also known as Missouri Primrose; 

Peony “Primavere” for loving ourselves and forgiving others for their involvement around this time;¬†¬†

Wood Anenome helps reconcile splits between soul and mind, spirit and body, so the being in the body can love being here on Earth. Transmutes basic reactive emotional responses such as fear, anger, grief into compassion, love, and spiritual understanding. 


Order Pre-Natal/Birth Heal combination

Unlocking Brain Lock

I’m reading Brain Lock: Free Yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, by psychiatrist Jeffrey Schwartz. This book is rare in the way it combines information about the brain with how to change the brain. Though it doesn’t go into the brain the way I do with awareness (what else is possible?), it does provide names of specific brain areas along with information about what studies have shown these areas to relate to in our daily awareneness and behaviors. Names of places are ususally enough to use awareness to locate and communicate with whoever is there.

Especially in this case, the brain areas are those key in OCD and related conditions such as Tourette’s and Parkinson’s.¬†These are considered “brain disorders” which is a term I would choose over Annie Hopper’s (Dynamic Neural Retraining System) “limbic impairment.” Lots of things are disordered in this reality, and there is no judgement implicit in disorder, it just is. (I mean, look at my desk…why judge myself about what happens while I’m having fun?) Impairment, however, implies damage and/or wrongness and/or lack, limitation, incapacity. My brain is doing its best (and so is yours), thank you very much! We can re-order our brains, reorganize them, restore them to an order that works better for us. It’s our choice how we’d like our brains to be organized! They are organs, which are living tissues with their own functionality as lifeforms. The root “org” is also part of organism. One of the properties of lifeforms is being self-organizing in many ways. “Org” is of course also the root in orgasm, which is the energy of new life creation.

I discovered Brain Lock while checking out DNRS. A neighbor loaned me one of the DVDs, and I recently met for the first time a long-time email/phone aquaintence who had used DNRS to heal her Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). I was intrigued, sensing possibilities for integrating my own knowing and experiences in new ways. Both of these methods use a multi-pronged, awareness-based approach utilizing a series of steps to retrain yourself and your brain. These steps are also what occurs in Access Consciousness! How does it get any better than that?

The Observer/Witness consciousness stops thought/time in the present moment, before automatic¬†reactions/behaviors occur. This is when we can ask questions such as “What is this? Can I change this? What else is possible?” With awareness of what is, and the quantum field opening to new possibilities, we more easily make new, different choices. Making different choices in response to familiar situations changes the brain’s neural paths. Each new different choice makes it easier and easier to make more new different choices, and widens the area of neural change. Cool! How does it get even better than that?

Each step of the Brain Lock process corresponds to AC processes and tools. This isn’t “why” AC works; it’s one of the ways we change in response to consciousness, awareness, and living in the question.

Learning about this has brought my brain into my awareness in a new way. When I use AC tools and clearings, and Patrick Arden McNally’s wonderful new RICH clearing, I now often choose to include awareness of the limbic and cognitive areas of my brain. Sometimes I can feel it changing….

Since the brain is basically an organ for describing and making sense of our perceptions,¬†our¬†reality is what we perceive it to be. Consensus reality is what a whole bunch of us agree reality is. How funky is that, when what we’re agreeing to is based on a zillion generations of limited interpretations of what can be?

Who else is ready for something different? Something new? Expanded possibilities?

Happy New Eon, World!!!




Glorious new days ahead for Earth, humans, and all our swimming, flying, oozing, wriggling, 2-footed, 4-footed, 6- and 8- and multitudinous-foooted relatives on this yummy planet!

Do you sense it? the inrushing energy of the new? the flushing out of the old, the last 26,000 years rinsing away.


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